Can Your Old Home Ever Look Or Feel “As Good As New”?

Obviously, nothing stays new forever, but that doesn’t mean your old home is a lost cause. So many people move when their family household starts to look a little weary and feel a little cramped. If you’ve genuinely outgrown your home then that’s understandable, but if your house is simply cluttered, worn out, and poorly […]

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Make Your Home A Happy One

Make Your Home A Happy One

Who wants to live in an unhappy home? Not me! If anything, I spend a lot of time making sure my home is as happy as it can possibly be. But there are times when things happen and I realize that it just isn’t what I thought it would be. I think back to those days before […]

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Furnishing Your First Home On A Budget

Furnishing Your First Home On A Budget

Moving into your first home is a huge and exciting milestone in your life, but after your down payment comes out of your account and those first bills have come out, there may not be much left in your account to decorate your new home with! Luckily for you, there are plenty of tips to […]

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Don’t Let Moving Home Leave You Pulling Your Hair Out!

Don't Let Moving Home Leave You Pulling Your Hair Out!

I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that there’s a lot to think about when you’re moving. From the finances to the logistics of it, there are at least million and one things to think about. And of course, you’ll still end up forgetting something. Nobody’s perfect, especially when we’re having to […]

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Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Updating your home doesn’t have to be a full-on assault of wallpaper stripping, re-plastering, knocking down walls or anything even remotely similar. If you’re on a budget, either because of time or cash, then giving your residence a once over in the looks department can be quick, simple and effective. There are so many tips and tricks […]

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Is Your Home Prepared To Handle Extreme Weather?

Is Your Home Prepared To Handle Extreme Weather?

It’s no secret that extreme weather is becoming more and more common. We’re seeing an increase in storms, colder temperatures in winter, and warmer temperatures in the summer. All sections of society are under threat, and that includes our homes. The properties we’ve been living in for years might be vulnerable to incidents that they’ve […]

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Your First Home – 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Your First Home - 3 Things To Keep In Mind

Starting a new life in your first home can be quite scary, to say the least. In my opinion, buying your first place is the scariest, yet most exciting and fulfilling process, the excitement and worry come in equal measure. Well, if you’re thinking about taking that leap any buying your first home, here are […]

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First Night Essentials To Buy Before Moving Into Your First Home

First Night Essentials To Buy Before Moving Into Your First Home

I’ve only been in my condo for 4 months and I can still remember my first night here like it was yesterday. Most of us don’t have a whole lot of furniture when we move into our first homes, to be honest, my living room is pretty bare. I didn’t realize just how much I […]

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How I Purchased My First Condo

How I purchased my first condo

Just when I thought I was back… life happened! I’ve filmed this video so many times that I got tired of hearing myself tell the story of how I purchased my first condo. The video makes it seem sooo easy, but it was probably one of the hardest processes I’ve ever gone through. In January, […]

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I’m a homeowner!

I'm a homeowner!

It feels so weird to write these words, but I’m a homeowner! I closed on my condo exactly one month ago today. I’ve been meaning to share this news with you all for weeks now, but I’ve been extremely busy, and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself. A few months ago, I mentioned in one […]

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