About Me!


Hey everyone, my name is Crystal and I would like to welcome you to my blog. One Millennial Girl is all about navigating through this thing called life. I discuss the ups and downs of millennial life as well my own life experiences. This blog is a creative outlet for me, so in addition to my millennial based blog posts, you will get to see fashion and interior design sets that I create. One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I aspire to be a fashion and interior stylist; I will be documenting my journey to doing what I love.

Since this is the About Me page, I’ll give you 10 facts about me:

  1. I love my last name, it’s Castleberry!
  2. My birthday is April 25th, I’m 29.
  3. I am currently single and loving it, but I do miss being in love.
  4. I am the youngest of 5, and no I’m not spoiled!
  5. I blog because it helps me organize my thoughts and sort out my feelings about life. Blogging is my therapy.
  6. I am an introvert with some extrovert tendencies. Oddly, I love interacting through my blog.
  7. My ultimate goal in life is to be genuinely happy, doing what I love to do.
  8. My biggest fear is dying before I’ve gotten a chance to really experience life.
  9. Three things I can’t live without: God, food, and my Mickey Mouse – I’ve had him for 25 years, he ain’t going anywhere! 20140417_161728-1
  10. My three favorite blog posts right now are (these change all the time): To the Guy Who Didn’t Know We Were DatingWhy I BlogMillennial Problems: Job Hunting Is Worse Than Dating.

Welcome to my blog!!!

Makeup Session

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