Time For Family! 4 Ideas For Perfect Moments With Your Unit

Do you have much of an opportunity to spend time with the ones you love? Sure, a meal with the family every night is probably the only opportunity most of us have to spend quality time with our partners and children, but surely this means that we’ve got to find ways to recapture that quality time in other ways? It doesn’t have to be complex, and in fact, there are so many things that you could do to spend time with the family to make sure that you are all bonding, but what are the best ways to capture those perfect moments?

Games Night

Maybe the days of playing scrabble as a family are long gone, and even if you don’t have the opportunity to spend time as a proper unit all the time, you could still play games like Words With Friends. But it’s always worth keeping an eye out to see if you have a WWF cheat for a child! Playing again together can mean that tensions will arise, but when you are sitting around together engaging in some healthy competition, it can be a nice reminder of what you are all like. No family is perfect, and if these little moments can bring some tensions to the four but it can also give you the opportunity to overcome them!

Cooking Meals

If the children get home from school and you are slaving over a stove, you could very easily ask them for some help! There are numerous benefits to cooking as a family, not just because you are making healthy nutritious food, but you’re also spending some time together on this task. And if you’ve got children that aren’t particularly keen on cooking there’s going to be a time when they will leave the nest. It’s crucial that they have these skills in place so they can look after themselves.

Watch A Movie

Two hours of your time on a Saturday night, that’s all it is! There are some great family movies that everybody can watch so if you can find something that everybody will be vaguely happy with all you can alternate it every Saturday. This gives you all the opportunity to spend time together on the couch while not necessarily having to talk with each other! But you have to remember that even if you don’t spend much time together as a family, it’s to do with the quality rather than quantity! Setting aside a two-hour block to watch a movie that each member of the family would like to see gives everybody the opportunity to do something they want while also learning how to compromise. This is something we can all benefit from!

Playing Outside!

Yes, we do so much about sedentary families, so if you need to shake things up, go for a run with your children or take them out to the back garden and throw a football! It’s easy, cheap, and it’s that perfect opportunity to get everybody involved regardless of how good or bad they are at a sport! Once you begin to play outside you, start to exercise without even realizing it. This will help your children in so many different ways!

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