Millennials and Marriage: New Trends We’re Setting

As millennials we’re constantly carving our own path in life, reworking social norms and generally doing things differently than our parents or grandparents before us. And when it comes to marriage, there are lots of ways we’re not following the set path here are a few examples. 

Choosing an engagement ring together

Right from the start of their journey into marriage together, millennials are doing things differently. Knowing that an engagement ring is a big financial commitment, more millennials are choosing the ring together to make sure that it’s right. This could involve speaking to a ring concierge together, going ring shopping together or just the woman pointing out the engagement ring styles she wants to her partner. There are lots of reasons for this trend, waiting longer to get married means that the proposal isn’t necessarily as much of a surprise as it’s something the couple is likely to have discussed already. Money is another issue, couples choosing together are able to discuss rough price points and go with something they’re happy with. The old rule of ‘spending a month’s wages’ is outdated and isn’t something many millennials bear in mind when choosing a ring. 

Waiting longer to get married

As touched on above, millennials are waiting a lot longer in their relationships and in their lives to get married. Research shows that they’re committed to spending more time finding a stable and long-lasting partner, and aren’t jumping into things because of fear of divorce. Getting married in your thirties is now the new ‘normal’- over five years later than generations gone by. 

Not getting divorced as much

Due to waiting longer and being more sure of their partner before marrying has lead to declining divorce rates in millennials. In the UK, the divorce rate is now at its lowest since 1973. Age at marriage has been shown by research to be closely linked to the risk of divorce, those marrying in their teens and early twenties are at the greatest risk. So waiting longer and marrying later is a good thing when it comes to a long-lasting relationship. 

Not getting married at all

Millennials are also getting married later than previous generations, but many also decide not to get married at all. In some cases, it’s to avoid costs, but it can mainly be traced back to a change in social norms. Living together and starting a family as an unmarried couple is now considered perfectly normal and acceptable, so plenty of couples either never get around to tying the knot or don’t feel as though they need to. 

Not attending other’s weddings

Finally, another trend millennials are setting when it comes to weddings is not attending the weddings of others. The main reasons for this involve cost and time, with more of us having to work weekends, or many of us have side hustles, and it can be tricky getting the time off, plus the travel, accommodation, outfit, and gift when attending the wedding can really add up cost-wise. If you’re inviting millennials to your wedding, don’t expect a huge return rate on those RSVPs unless you’re particularly close to them.

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