Designing A Boutique B&B-Style Guest Room

Did you move into a home that has a small unused room? Maybe you always used it for storage or made into a relaxation area. There are so many better options for the small room in your home. Making it into a boutique bed and breakfast style room is far nicer and better for your lifestyle. The good thing is, it’s a small room so you can afford to go the boutique route. You’re going to be buying unique items and it’s better to not be forced into filling up a large room with stuff. A smaller guest room is personal and whoever stays over your house, will be left with an appreciation for your thoughtful style. 

It’s not a hotel

If this is your first time designing a guest room, it’s important to realize you’re not styling it in the form of a hotel room. A bed and breakfast are more homely, wholesome and humble. Think of a cottage in the countryside, you want items that remind you of the location and local culture. Clay mould artwork of the city or town you live in would be a great addition to the room. If you live in a coastal town, fisherman figurines could be placed on top of the drawer. A painting done by a local artist should be hung on the wall. The curtains themselves could remind the guest of the state or region they’re in. A classic round metal alarm clock with local imagery or colors would be a nice little touch.

Something clever

Bed and breakfasts are almost always going to be making good use of what little space they have. Therefore, giving the guests more space to sit and relax privately is most welcome. Make Room for Your Guests With a Murphy Bed which is pulled down from the inside of a cabinet. Unlike archaic sofa beds, there’s no metal bar running down the mattress which would cause discomfort. The support bars are around the edges, leaving a nice comfortable mattress for your guest to sleep on. Utilize linens to inject extra comfort and softness. When your guest is ready for the day, they can lift the bed up and put it back in the cabinet, closing the door to create a seamless transition of the room. With the extra space, they can unpack or move the lightweight lounge chairs into a better position to watch television.

A farmhouse vibe

You might be wondering as to what kind of decor style you should go with. The farmhouse style is very popular because it’s comfortable and doesn’t cost a lot to implement. Consider a knitted pouf for your guest to rest their feet on, together with a woolen throw. A beige or cream two-seat fabric sofa would fit in nicely by the window. A few extra sofa pillows with cotton covers, with a simple design, would complete the room.

A small room would serve your home so much more if it were made into a humble bed and breakfast style guest room. It’s boutique so feel free to mix and match items to your taste. 

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