Making The Most Of A Small Kitchen

Small kitchens can have their benefits – having everything in arm’s distance can be convenient when preparing meals. The drawback is that you have less space to store things, which can mean that the kitchen gets cluttered easily (cooking with other people could also prove to be a nightmare). Extending your kitchen could be a way of getting around this. However, for those that don’t have this option, there are other ways to make the most of the space that you have.  

Declutter and reorganize

Taking the time to declutter your cupboards could help to free up space that you didn’t know you had. Many of us have food cans and sauces in our cupboards that are sat there gathering dust. Consider consuming these or donating them to a food bank. As for equipment and appliances, consider what you actually need. There’s no use owning a pasta maker or a waffle iron if you never use these tools.

There could also be ways to reorganize your kitchen cupboards to maximize space. When tackling a messy kitchen pantry, consider creating zones for food. This will make it easier to see what foods you already have before shopping so that you don’t buy unnecessary extras.

Make use of empty walls

Empty walls could be turned into extra storage space. You could consider adding shelves for food or plates or you could add hooks and magnetic strips for hanging metal crockery. Certain walls may not be practical for this – you probably want to keep the wall above the stove free as heat from cooking may damage items that are stored here.

Look into space-saving appliances

When choosing appliances, you may want to avoid bulky appliances that protrude unnecessarily. Maximize vertical space where you can – a tall slim refrigerator could be better than a wide refrigerator. There may also be compact and mini versions of appliances that you can buy if your kitchen is exceptionally tiny. For instance, there are mini countertop ovens on the market that look like microwaves.

Opt for stackable kitchenware

You may be able to stack certain kitchenware to save space when storing it away. Plates and bowls are an obvious example of this, but did you know that you can also get stackable mugs and stackable wine glasses? Many sets of pots and pans can also be stacked together.

Maximize countertop space

Countertop space can be valuable for preparing meals. Try not to use up countertop space with unnecessary appliances and items. Hanging knives on the walls using a magnetic knife strip could save the need to have a knife block. You can even buy wall-mounted microwave ovens and toasters to help free up countertop space. There could also be clever ways to add countertop space such as a foldaway breakfast bar.

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