De-Stressing Rituals To Try At Home

Coming home after a stressful day can be a welcome relief, but it’s not always easy to switch off. Dealing with stress at work, with your family or even your partner and friends can take its toll, leaving you feeling exhausted and irritated. Stress is something that happens to everyone, but it’s the way you handle it that defines whether you’re going to stay stressed out or do something to stop it. Finding the things that help you de-stress and get your mind back on track can change the way you deal with stress for good. Having some de-stress rituals can help you find your calm and leave you feeling much more in control.

To give you some inspiration for some de-stressing rituals you can do at home, take a look at the following ideas.

Let it out before you get home

Stress is best kept out of your home, it’s your safe space after all. So if you can, try to let it all out before you walk through the door. Whether you need to call someone to vent or record how you feel during the ride home, you can then decide to leave it outside and not bring it into your house. Going for a run or to the gym straight after work can be an excellent way to ease stress, helping you to forget about your worries and set yourself up for a great evening at home.

Get rid of any mess or clutter

Is there anything worse than coming home to a messy house or apartment? While you don’t need to give it a deep clean, you can spend half an hour or so tidying up to help make your home distraction-free. They say cleaning for 30 minutes a day can help you stay on top of things throughout the week so that you don’t need to spend your weekends scrubbing your home from top to bottom. Do some quick cleaning to help you feel that little bit more at ease while you’re at home. A messy home can make for a messy mind, and it will be hard to relax and switch off. 

Get changed into comfy clothes

Staying in your work clothes can make you feel as though you’re still in work mode, making it difficult to switch off. When you get through the door, get changed into something more comfortable. Some cozy knitwear makes a great choice, or there are plenty of loungewear outfits out there that will help you feel both stylish and comfortable. Put yourself in the mood to relax and it will become much easier to de-stress.

Cook yourself something comforting

Nothing beats a bit of comfort food when you’re feeling stressed. Enjoying a home-cooked, warming meal is a great way to treat yourself and stops you from reaching for the takeout menu. Cooking can be therapeutic and help to take your mind off other things. There’s an association with comfort food that it is usually unhealthy, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Some healthy versions of your favorite comfort foods can give you the same ‘hug in a bowl’ feeling, without all of the added calories. Why not invest in a slow cooker on Instant Pot so that you can have something wonderful waiting for you when you get home?

Do some high-energy exercise

Exercise is an effective way to beat stress, and if you can’t exercise before you get home, why not do it at home instead? Doing something high-energy is a great idea as it will get your heart rate going and push yourself, pushing stress away in the process. The great thing about high-energy exercise is that it can be short. So if you only want to exercise for a short period each day, some high-impact fat burning exercises can really help you out. You’ll feel great once you’ve finished, while also getting to enjoy the different health benefits that come with a high-energy workout.

Try a more calming exercise

If a high-energy exercise isn’t for you, why not try something calming instead? Some gentle exercise is great for helping you relax, while also clearing your mind of stressful thoughts. Trying some yoga for beginners can be a great place to start, as you’ll get to learn the basics without pushing yourself too hard too fast. Yoga focuses on breathing and stretching, and you’ll soon find yourself relaxing and enjoying the slow movement. You can even try some yoga as part of a pre-bed routine to help you unwind and prepare your body and mind for rest.

Ditch the technology

Technology in your hand can make it difficult to switch off at night. The temptation to check emails or scroll social media endlessly is always there, and that too can take a toll on your mental health. So why not switch it off? Putting your phone on airplane mode is one of the best things you can do. Even if you rely on your devices to watch videos, you could always learn how to download YouTube videos on Android in seconds so that you have them available offline to watch without being connected to the internet. A break from social media and communication can be a welcome break and gives you the chance to enjoy other activities without distractions.

Create a bedtime routine

Having a bedtime routine can provide you with a number of benefits. It helps set you up for the night and helps your body and mind slow down ready for some sleep. By slowing down, you’ll start letting go of that excess energy and can hopefully enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Start by getting yourself ready for bed, taking the time to wash, get into your sleepwear and anything else you need to do before bed. Use the hour before bed to relax and avoid starting anything that requires a lot of energy or brainpower. Setting up a wind-down routine will help you go to bed earlier, making it easier to get your recommended eight hours a night. Some people like to do yoga or meditation before they sleep, which can help to empty your mind before you drift off, ideal if you’ve got things on your mind after a stressful day.

My personal favorite thing to do is to listen to Jhené Aiko’s Trigger Protection Mantra as I shower and get ready for bed. I continue to let it play when I get into bed and then I meditate. It leaves me feeling relaxed and free of anxiety. I will link the longer version below.

Run a bath

A bath is a perfect way to relax. Taking the chance to soak and ease your aches and pains can make you feel much more at peace, and is a wonderful way to enjoy your evening. To enjoy the perfect bath, create a spa-like atmosphere. You can choose some relaxing bath oils to bring aromatherapy benefits, light some candles and play some easy-going music to help you relax. Leave your phone outside the room and give yourself some quality time to chill.

Listen to music

Listening to music can be a fun way to relax, with different options for how to make it work for you. Listening to chilled music, for example, can help you relax and get you in the mood for an easy evening, while something fun and upbeat can be a fantastic excuse to dance around the living room and have some fun. By listening to music, you can easily lift your mood. It’s hard to stay down when you’re listening to a catchy pop tune or you’ve got a killer anthem playing!  

Make reading a part of your evening

Do you like to read? Reading is an excellent way to take your mind off things. Not only does it transport you somewhere else, but it’s a good way to focus your mind too. Work your way through some of the latest book recommendations as a way to occupy your mind at night. Reading before bed can really help you switch off and stop real life getting in the way of your sleep! If you love reading and want to make the most of it, you could even consider joining a book club.

Pamper yourself

It’s important to treat yourself now and then, and a good pampering session is a fun and healthy way to do it. Is there anything better than putting a hair mask on, some soothing face products and doing things that make you feel good? Taking the time to enjoy your skincare routine can leave you with brighter, glowing skin that makes you look and feel much healthier. A new skincare routine can be refreshing, making you feel much more confident and comfortable in your skin. Get some inspiration for skincare ideas that will leave your skin feeling fabulous. 

Being able to de-stress is an important factor for your health. From finding ways to relax or enjoying a hassle-free home, you can try some de-stressing rituals that will help you unwind and feel great once again. Don’t let stress take over your life, find ways to manage it for the sake of your health and your happiness.

2 thoughts on “De-Stressing Rituals To Try At Home

  1. Listening to music is my number 1 way to destress. I’m a R&B kindof girl, soI have a playlist full of old and new music to help me relax and destress. I want to create establishing a bedtime routine because in my adult life I have never had one. I’m a night owl. I’ll be up all times of night when I know I need to be sleep.


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