The Simple Things: Little Things To Brighten Up Your Partner’s Day

When your partner has a bad day, you want to do everything in your power to help them feel better again. You want to cheer them up and help to lighten the load, and that means doing something nice or unexpected to put a smile back on their face. And if you’re out of ideas on that front, we’ve got a bit of inspiration for you below. Make sure you do something simple and cute from time to time to keep the stressful days from becoming too much for your relationship

Call Them a Cute Name

A cute pet name is something most couples use, simply because it’s a nice thing to say to your partner, and helps to ensure they feel special when you address them. And if your partner is having a rough day, calling them ‘honey’ or ‘sweetie’ or ‘darling’ can make all the difference! It helps to act as a bit of reassurance, and make sure that special hint hits them when they need it most. But if you want to take this a step further, you can use a couple name generator to come up with a good portmanteau name for the both of you! That’ll be unique and special and might just make your partner laugh when they’re feeling down. 


A snack can make all the difference to someone’s day! Having something tasty to nosh down on, or something refreshing to drink can do a lot for a person’s mood or energy levels. We’re human beings, after all, and some moods simply do arise from not eating or drinking enough. So go the extra mile, and get your partner a coffee for breakfast, or a donut they can enjoy on their lunch break. Just something simple that hits all the right spots! You could even leave a trail of snacks for them to follow when they get in the front door from work. It could lead all the way to a big feast on the kitchen table, or you standing there with a bouquet of flowers. 

Dish Out Plenty of Hugs!

Of course, giving out a bit of physical affection here and there does the world of good for a partner that’s not feeling quite right. If someone is looking for reassurance, or they’ve had a long and hard day, being able to snuggle into a loved one or get a big bear hug that’ll help the world melt away can be an amazing thing for you to do for them. Humans are tactile creatures, and being able to physically reach out does a lot to lift a person’s spirit. Be that rock in the storm for the special person in your life. Cheering up your partner when they’re down can be the simplest thing in the world. You know them, you know what they love, and you’re the person they love the most. Bring all of those elements together and you’ve got the perfect solution! 

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