Simple Ways To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

Now that we are coming to the end of January we are getting closer to the end of the winter season and inching towards spring. Spring is a time of year that brings us new life, color, and some amazing plants to enjoy. If you want to make your garden look and smell amazing this year it is important for you to start preparing now to bring it to life

Here are a few ways you can bring your garden to life this year and make it look and feel stunning all year long. 

  1. Order summer-flowering bulbs and seeds

It might seem a little early to be thinking about plants now, however many bulbs that will flower during the early summer months need to be planted right now. A few examples of bulbs like these are gladioli, anemone, and even dahlia. The longer these bulbs have to develop under the soil of your back garden the better they will bloom when the time comes. 

  1. Tidy up 

The next thing you need to do to prepare your garden for the new season is clean and tidy up the beds and borders. This can be a task that takes a while depending on how much you need to do, but it will create a refreshed space and will allow you to benefit from clear space ready for bulbs and seeds to be planted. Be sure to get rid of debris such as dead leaves and twigs and create new nest edge for the flower beds. 

  1. Clean out the greenhouse

Before you start growing your crop for this year, it is important for you to clean the greenhouse and rid it of any bugs and mold that may have formed over winter. Take the time to inspect every nook and cranny because small creatures can hide in tiny gaps and they might feed on your plants when the spring and summer come along. Use a safe and natural cleaning solution as not to pollute the air in the greenhouse. 

  1. Sow long season seeds 

Now is the time to sow seeds that want a longer season than others. There are a lot of seeds that fit the bill here such as geraniums and sweet peas and you can get these started in fiber pots or seed starters in your kitchen for the time being before taking them outside. Placing them in sunlight and helping them to germinate using some cling film can be a great way to guarantee a good crop for your garden. 

  1. Hunt down pests

Weevils, lily beetles, fungus gnats, mosquitoes… all of these creatures can become pests to either you or your plants in the garden and now is the time to hunt them down and eradicate them. Mosquitoes, in particular, will often lay their eggs in your pond or your guttering off there is any still water left there so cleaning this up will stop them in their tracks. 

  1. Install a water butt

The easiest way to become a little more environmentally friendly this year is to install a water butt in your garden underneath the gutter. A water butt will collect rainwater throughout the year and it is a good idea to install this in winter as there is typically more rain at this time of the year. It will make a big difference when summer comes around because you will be able to water your plants without constantly reaching for the hosepipe! 

  1. Move deciduous shrubs

Shrubs such as hydrangeas can be good candidates for moving during the winter. In winter they become dormant and this means it is safe for you to move them to a new location in the garden if you have changed your garden design ideas. 

  1. Update the entryway 

The garden is a room of your house, and in order to make it shine and to enjoy the view, you will want to make sure the entrance to the garden is bright and light. If you have old windows or french doors leading to the garden currently you can order Renewal by Andersen windows to brighten it up and make the windows more modern. Being able to see out into the garden will feel amazing and will bring light into the house. 

  1. Clean gardening tools

Even if you may not think it is important, you should clean your gardening tools regularly. Cleaning your gardening tools is not only good for the longevity of them but it will also ensure that there are no diseases or small pests on them that could go on to infest your plants in the future. Make sure to clean with natural cleaning solutions and ensure that you always store your tools in a dry place to keep them from rusting and becoming less useful in the garden. 

  1. Create a compost area 

If you are looking to make a positive change to the environment this year and also to your garden crops, creating a composting area in the garden is incredibly important. It is always a great idea for you to create a compost area in a sunny part of the garden as this will ensure that any waste you put into the bin will break down quickly and more effectively. When filling your compost bin throughout the year it is important to remember that you shouldn’t add cooked foods into it, only fruit, vegetables, and grass cuttings and other light foliage should be going in there. One great tip we have is to place layers of paper between the compost to help it decompose, and if you have sensitive documents to get rid of, this is the ideal place to put them because everything will simply break down into the soil! Hopefully, these tips will help you to prepare your garden for the spring, and as the new season comes in you should be able to start seeing color and life enter the space.

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