Picking The Right Style For Your Hair

I want to start off by saying that your natural hair is beautiful! No matter the texture, curl pattern, or thickness, all hair types are beautiful! But if you’re wanting to switch your hairstyle up for 2020 there are so many things that you need to consider, and you really don’t want to get it wrong. Your hair will no doubt have taken you a long time to get the way that you like it, and the wrong decision on your new look could end up leaving you unhappy with your hair. 

But before you commit to a new cut, style, or color, you will need to know that it is all going to suit you. Once you have had a lot of the length cut off, there is no going back. If you go for a permanent hair dye that is not suited to you, then you may well regret it later. However, there are ways that you can find the hairstyle that suits you before you commit to the cut or dye. Here are a few suggestions of ways that you can do this before you commit. 

Try A Wig On

Visit a wig store and try on wigs that are similar to the styles that you are interested in having your hair cut into. Buying the wig and wearing it around for a while will allow you the opportunity to see how you feel about the style of the color without having to make the final decision before you are 100% sure. Of course, you could opt to just have the wig and keep your hair in the style that it is at the moment. That way you will have the option to switch between the two different looks effortlessly. 

Talk To A Hairstylist And Get Advice

Your hairstylist should be able to give you lots of great advice when it comes to finding a hairstyle that will suit you. If you have thinking about a particular style, get their opinion. They will understand how your hair sits on your head and how the style will look with your face shape and features. They will know how a dye will take to your color hair and will compliment your skin tones. Your hairstylist will have styled hundreds of different people’s hair and will be very experienced when it comes to spotting a style that will work with a specific person’s face shape, skin tone, or features. 

Look At Lots Of Images Of The Styles You Like

Get as many images together of styles or colors that are similar to the one that you are interested in getting. Find images of the look you like on a variety of different people to help envisage how it will look on you. You may be able to use an app to see how well a look will suit you. 

What If It Goes Wrong?

Of course, if you do ever cut your hair too show, you could always use hair extensions to bring your hair back to a length that you felt comfortable with. Hair can be dyed different colors, and nothing is ever permanent when it comes to hairstyles.

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