The Biggest Home Problems A New Year Brings

Your home should be a healthy and happy place, shouldn’t it? And most of the time, that means your home is clean and tidy, and you’re happy to move around and settle down into it. After all, the cleaner your home looks and feels, the better you feel!

The new year often means it’s time for a big clean, or a general house to do, and there’s a good reason for that! A lot of home problems can crop up just after a new year has rolled in, and there’s no better time to clear out the dirt and grime of the year before than right now. So let’s do it properly by going over some of the areas below; hopefully, you’ll be able to include them on your cleaning checklist in the coming months! 

There’s Lots to Do!

One of the main things you’ll realize when it comes to cleaning out your house in the new year is that there’s a lot to be getting on with. A lot of tasks have built up, and those seasonal chores have swung back around again, and you’re going to need to clear some proper time in your schedule to get it all done in a timely manner. You don’t want to drag this kind of cleaning out, and you want to make sure your home is spick and span as soon as possible, simply for your peace of mind! 

First of all, delegate. It’s time to get your family involved in the action, as you’re not the only one who lives in that house. Make sure you get your siblings or your partner or your children on board with things – it doesn’t matter if they’d usually hate having to clean up after themselves because sometimes the task is just too important to miss! Then make sure you’ve got a cleaning rota or schedule, so you know what to tackle first, and you’re getting the small and easy tasks out of the way first. Don’t bog yourself down with everything to do at once; at least take a whole weekend to go from top to bottom of your house. Work your way down from the top level to ensure you’re not just making things dirty again when you bring all the trash and dirty items downstairs to throw away. 

You Might Have Noticed a Few Pests… 

Bugs can invade our homes over the autumn and winter seasons; they come indoors in search of the warm and dry, the same way we do, and they make their own little nests in the nooks and crannies. And because of that, you might still be living with a few pests in your home, even if you’re not aware of them at all. Maybe you see moths all around the house at random intervals? Maybe you’re noticing cobwebs come out of nowhere, and string along the top of your walls and ceilings? Maybe you’re hearing noises in the walls, with rattling here and there? These could all be signs you’ve got a bit of an infestation going on. 

Of course, if you do find some pests in your home, you don’t have to take them on alone. You can reach out for help with a professional service, such as termites control or other pest eradication companies. All kinds of bugs can make our homes their homes in return, and thankfully, we’ve come to an age where we know just how to deal with them, quickly and securely. 

Your Windows Need Work

After a whole year’s worth of weather battering down on them, you might notice that your windows are looking a lot worse for wear. Both inside and out, they’re dirty and worn in places, and the window sills have definitely seen better days. Maybe the paint is chipping, or maybe there’s even a bit of mold sprinkled around. Don’t worry, you can do something about all of these things. 

You’re going to want to get a big bucket of soapy water (and maybe a bit of vinegar as well), as well as a similarly large dishcloth or towel, and a sponge. Use all of these in tandem – wet the sponge and wipe back and forth across the window, making sure you’re not leaving streaks behind you. Then take the cloth and wipe the windows dry. This job will be made even easier if you’ve got a squeegee to work with as well! And if your windows are beyond repair, start saving up to get the windows replaced.

Out of Date Food

And of course, you’re going to have to clear out the food cupboard or the pantry in your house. There’s a chance you’ve got some ‘non-perishable’ or long-life food in there from months and months or even years ago, and it’s always best to have a look through in the early months of the year. You’re only going to be buying more and more cans and tins throughout the rest of the year, after all. 

The early months of the year are, roundabout March and April time, are when the majority of foods tend to go out of date. If you’ve got some tinned peaches back there from last summer, check to be sure they’re still good for you to consume, and even think about making up a quick fruit salad to get them out of the way! The new year brings a lot of new challenges with it, and none more so than the care of your own household. Make sure you’re keeping these tasks in mind when tidying up in the new year, so you can feel properly accomplished when you’re done. 

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