3 Different Careers, 3 Different Ways To Handle Stress

Stress just comes part of the job right? Well, yes and no. No matter what kind of work you do, you’re always going to have moments of stress-induced thoughts and feelings. However, stress can be converted into something else if you know how to. For example, the stress you feel when doing your job right now can be morphed into productive thinking or problem-solving. The times you feel overwhelmed can be moments of reflection to see what caused you to come to that conclusion. There are many ways professionals can handle stress. However some are so unique and somewhat eccentric, you might not have the time, space and patience to do them. Thus, to get ahead in your career, you need some techniques which you can utilize anywhere, anytime.

HR management stress

Many women work in HR. The human resources department is inherently cross-departmental. Thus, a lot of different actions and tasks need to be completed to keep everybody happy. You’re juggling a lot of different people, files and orders by the C-suite. Around 50% of HR workers say they’re overwhelmed with stress at least once a month. So when you feel this moment coming on, here are some things you can do. The first thing is to simply drop the tasks you’re doing and for just 15-20 minutes, do some simple sorting. Do you have papers that need to be filed in order? Do you have some outstanding invoices to process? Maybe you could help an employee that has been waiting to hear about their holiday leave or sick pay. Just take your mind off the problem. Secondly, return to the issue from the beginning and work your way through each stage, slowly and methodically. 

The intensity of healthcare

One patient could have a cardiac arrest, another a loss of blood pressure and another may throw up their lunch and need calming medication. All of this could happen in the space of mere minutes. Is it any wonder that nurses feel stressed? Here are some ways you can limit nursing fatigue. Firstly, just get enough sleep. The trials and tribulations you face every day are exacerbated simply by not having sufficient cognitive awareness. Get some nap time while at work too. If you feel you need half an hour of shuteye, inform your colleagues and go have a little rest. Keep hydrated throughout the day so you can think clearly and you don’t become irritable with other people, seeing as you’re already in a trying environment. These are just three of the useful tips you should follow.

CEOs stress too

It doesn’t matter what level of professional you are, you’re always going to want to know how CEOs manage stress? Many CEOs like Tim Cook, find solace in just planning ahead. Rather than waiting until Monday for a phone call, he’ll just call up the people he wants to talk to, in a scheduled phone meeting on Saturday. Don’t put off things that matter to you and be left biting your nails.

There are different ways to handle stress in every job. If you work in HR, simply backing away and reapproaching the task can be incredibly effective. 


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