5 Pre-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

With the winter holidays fast approaching we’re all looking forward to some downtime to relax with our friends and families. You’ll want to get your home decor looking lovely for your guests, yet it’s important to prioritize the practical maintenance issues too. The cold weather often means that it’s useful to make a few adjustments to keep our homes in good condition.

  1. Check your doors and windows 

If you haven’t already checked your doors and windows for drafts, now is the time to do so! Any drafty spots will really start to notice now, plus you’ll be losing money on your heating bills if energy is escaping through gaps in windows or doors. Purchase some caulk and fill in any gaps that you find to keep things nice and warm. If it’s been a while since your windows were replaced, considering double or triple glazing can be a great option to keep in the heat and conserve energy. With the right windows, you’ll keep your house warm and save money too. 

  1. Check your pipes 

For most of the year, your pipes should require little maintenance. (Unless they burst and you’re left wondering How to Get Your Insurance Company to Pay for Water Damage Restoration!) Yet generally speaking; they can be left alone. During the winter months, however, you may need to give your pipes some extra insulation to stop them from freezing. Particularly if you have pipes in your basement or attic, as these spaces generally are not insulated very well. To insulate your pipes, you can purchase fiberglass or foam casing from your local hardware store. When it’s not easy to access your pipes, adding insulation to your ceilings and walls can also be helpful. 

  1. Maintain your roof 

Safely use a ladder to access your roof and check to see if any shingles are curling or have become cracked and broken. Replace these or hire in a professional if the job is too difficult to complete by yourself. While you’re at it, clear blockages of leaves and debris from your guttering. Doing so will ensure that you don’t encounter any problems with freezing or drainage.

  1. Protect your plants

If you’re a keen gardener the winter is typically a time where there isn’t an awful lot to do! Yet, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few hacks to protect your garden from the winter weather. Purchase some coverings or blankets for your plants to keep them safe from frost. Put these blankets over your plants at night and remove them in the morning so that the plants can breathe. You can also use a heat lamp to provide some added protection. As well as this, keep your soil moist and add a layer of mulch. Remember to remove any dead plants as these may attract pests and disease. 

  1. Clean & grit 

Ensure that you clean and grit your driveway in preparation for any icy weather to come. Slips and falls are both common and dangerous in the winter, so it’s best to prepare. Be sure to check that your outdoor lighting is working so that any icy paths are well lit. Keeping your home healthy and safe is, of course, very important all year round.

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