Let’s Bring Back The Sunday Dinner Tradition

All throughout the week, everybody is working hard and having hardly any time to sit and eat properly. It’s only natural that you don’t always make dinner at the same time. You’re not always going to have time to make a great hot homemade meal. You’re might order a take out sometimes, you may decide you would rather go to a restaurant or just pretty much throw something from the fridge into the oven. But, on Sunday, that’s when you should take great pride in your cooking. That’s when your family should find time to sit and eat together. It used to be a great Italian tradition that slowly filtered out into other cultures. The British have the classic Sunday roast meal while in America, they have the Sunday lunch tradition. But what could get your family around the table? It has to be something special.

Honey glazed ham

A fine centerpiece, honey glazed ham can be seen and smelt from a mile away. It’s a classic Sunday dinner main dish. It’s juicy, fatty and allows for the best of both worlds when it comes to the crunch and chews. The main problem people have with it is that it get cold very quickly. However, if you make this crockpot spiral ham recipe, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep the heat in if you follow the instructions. Keep the ham firmly wrapped in heavy-duty foil. Make sure that you cook it for 10 minutes per pound. If your ham is around 9lbs, then you need to cook it for exactly 1-hour and 30-minutes. Every 3-ounce serving is around 140 calories, so it’s actually quite reasonable when it comes to heavy or light digestion. You won’t feel like going to sleep after you eat a serving of this delicious ham.

Classic roast goose

You’ve probably had roast chicken for a Sunday dinner, but what about something a bit unorthodox? Roast goose is something you may wish to try because it’s actually more flavorful than either chicken or duck. There are plenty of different recipes out there, many of which are new to the West. Asian cooking has plenty of roast goose recipes that incorporate the most popular spices and herbs. However, the classic roast goose is still the most popular. It’s very simple to make, the flavors you’re trying to create aren’t complex and the ingredients are very easy to find. Raymond’s roast chicken recipe is particularly easy, with many of the ingredients being found in various stews. 

Cheesy pasta

It’s not all about the meat you know, there are several Sunday dinner dishes that are suitable for vegetarians. Cheesy pasta is definitely one of the top choices. Simmer marinara sauce for 45 minutes, fry up some garlic and red chili, pour into the sauce and then add the pasta. Melt in some pecorino and ricotta, creating a creamy tomato sauce. Add the pasta in or pour the sauce over the pasta. Rich, creamy, cheesy and with a little kick, this dish is great for a family meal. Sunday dinner is a tradition that has seen better days. However, you can revive in your home just by making any one of these dishes.


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