Getting Ready To Sell Your Home

Your home is your castle, but sometimes it comes time to say goodbye to the place that you have put your heart and soul into and move onto bigger and better things. Hopefully, by the time you come to selling your home, you will have earned a reasonable amount of equity which will provide you with a much better mortgage as you step up the ladder to your next property. Whether the value has already increased or not, when it comes to planning to put your home on the market, you may want to consider making some home improvements in order to maximize your investment return when the sale goes through. 

Here are some areas that you may want to look at in order to make some improvements. 

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. It is so very often the hub of many activities. From preparing and eating food, through to socializing, the kitchen is somewhere that your whole family will enjoy too. When it comes to selling your home, you are creating a narrative that the potential buyer can latch onto. That means showing a room in all of its potential, and there is nowhere in the home more relevant to be able to do this. The kitchen is the one room in the house that will remain furnished and so will not be the blank canvas that your buyers need to see overall. Instead, you need to put effort into creating a great space in the kitchen that will add value to the overall sale of your home. 

Since the oven and hob are considered fixtures that would remain with the property, you may want to consider adding in a beautiful 30 inch professional gas range that will really create a sense of wow when you walk into the room for the first time. Think about getting a great worktop fitted. One that will stand up to the hard work that goes on in the kitchen and will be able to withstand the spilled food and drink. Think about solid woods like oaks, as not only are they hard wearing and practical, they also look great. 

The Decor Of The Entire Home

Your potential buyers will want to see a blank canvas. This will be so that they can picture their own furniture, ornaments, paintings, and curtains all in the places that yours currently are. If your home is quite busily laid out, then it will be hard for them to picture this. With this in mind, you should pack up as much of your stuff as possible before you take any photos for the estate agents, and especially before you start showing round would-be buyers. If you can, put these items into storage so that they are not in your home anywhere. 

Creating a sense of space should be the name of the game now, and to help you along your way you should paint all of your walls white. White will reflect all of the natural light that is coming in through the window and will create a much brighter room. This will naturally make the room appear much bigger. Make sure that you get rid of any heavy curtains and just have blinds or lighter curtains up. Having these open at all times whenever you get visited by a potential buyer will mean that you will get lots of light into the room. Using daylight bulbs will also help you greatly too as this will create a natural sense of light also. 

Creating Curb Appeal 

First impressions count, and the first thing that any buyers will see when they pull up at your home is the exterior. Make sure that you spend some time getting this looking amazing. You should clear out the guttering, replace any broken or missing tiles, clean all of the windows, and make sure that all of the window ledges are also clean. The walls may require a coat of paint before you put your home up for sale, so get ahead start and do this as early as possible. 

Once the exterior of the property is looking better, then you will need to turn your attention onto the garden. Again, you need to create a narrative here in order to sell this space to someone. Show the potential for socializing, sunbathing, gardening, and just generally relaxing with the family. You can do this by making sure that everything is tidy, that the lawn is mowed, and that there are some evergreen plants growing. 

Adding Major Value To Your Property

If you have the time and money to put into the project, there are of course ways that you can add some serious money to your home before you sell it. If you are able to add an extension of any form, or a conservatory, then the additional living space would no doubt make the house a popular prospect for a new buyer. If you are getting an extension, then you will need to get plans drawn up by an architect and apply for planning permission before you start the work. Often this can take a considerable amount of time, and there is always the risk that a neighbor may object because of how the extension may obstruct their view or overshadow their garden. 

You could, of course, look at converting existing space within your home. Areas such as the attic are prime spots that can be converted without the need to build anything new. There will be a lot of work that will go into this, but by hiring the right contractors for the job, you will be able to create an additional bedroom, and potentially an ensuite bathroom too. If you have a basement, this is another part of the home that could benefit from being converted. You could make this into your kitchen and dining room if you wanted, leaving your current kitchen space open to be used as a second living room.

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