Fall in Love With Your Garden

Your garden is the best place to play. Out in the open air, everything feels much calmer, somehow, as though you are no longer trapped by the four walls holding you in every day. The garden doesn’t need to be perfect – in fact, nature will show you just how beautiful imperfection can be. This is a space for you, shared with nature, that asks nothing more than for you to sit back and relax. 

Falling in love with your garden will be a slow process. If you aren’t a natural green-fingered being, the thought of trying shape and care for the plants around you might be daunting to begin with. However, you can always find more details on the ins and outs of mulch, ideal planting combinations and much more online. 

Simple Garden Design

There are lots of simple landscape design ideas and you don’t need to do anything fussy to make it look good. The best trick in the book is to create a journey of sorts through the area. So, adding a curving path and planting so that the view of the whole garden is partially obscured is a good way to tempt people to explore. 

When you are planting, it’s important that you think about the height each plant or tree will grow to as well as the space it will occupy. Mixing different sizes will create a more natural feel though if formality is your thing, you can crop the plants to size. If you aren’t feeling confident yet, using pots to plant up gives you a moveable design and you can easily change your mind. 

Getting Messy Together

A big part of the joy of gardening is doing it together. Kids love to get messy and turning the garden into a family space is a great idea. Discussing how you want the garden to look and feel is also a brilliant way to connect – just as decorating a room is. To encourage your whole family into the garden, adding edibles such as herbs and veggies is a good idea. Eating outside is also a fantastic way to enjoy the space you have created. As your family grows up, your garden will grow up too; the plants will fill out and the space will change. 

Playing with Planting Ideas 

A good way to choose what to plant is to think about how you want to use your garden. If you are enthusiastic about flower arranging and making DIY hoops, florals will probably form the center of your planting scheme. On the other hand, if you really like a particular family of plants or a certain combination of colors, that would also work really well. 

The garden is always a place to play and experiment. You can change your planting every year – or even every season, depending on what you choose – and while it might take some effort to fully redesign, it’s usually cheap to do. With this in mind, you should follow your gut and pick out new plants to grow each year.

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