Ensuring The ‘Proactive Approach’ Throughout Your Career

A career can both form and end in many different ways. We often see those who have reached the highest positions leave said role without grace, such as Grigory Rodchenkov, the director of the Russian anti-doping arm of WADA. When the allegations were released surrounding the use of steroids in the Olympics in sports, he found himself in the middle of an incredible storm of geopolitics and difficult questions about his role (or his forced role) to commit the fraud Russia was accused of. For a man who had attained the top of his field, this was an incredibly storied downfall.

Conversely, huge careers can seemingly happen out of nowhere. Matthew McConaughey was well into middle age before he was scouted in a bar by a casting agent who thought this look and personality would be suitable for the big screen. He has since starred in some of the most celebrated blockbusters of this decade.

Careers can begin and fall at the click of fate’s fingers. But we can never leave this to chance. Perhaps we will be lucky, perhaps one day we will experience something we’d rather not. But until then, what matters is the proactive approach. Let us consider what that means:

Reading Around A Subject

If you’re not certain about a certain subject that has relevancy to your position, it’s important to always be someone who will make the effort to learn. If you’re a manager who needs to cover part of a department they are not specialized in, do not just assign someone to fill you in each morning, or apply your own standards to said department. Learn what they do to the extent that you can, so you can interface with them to an educated standard. Take interest in training modules at your workplace and realize you can never be too qualified to learn something new. This might mean learning how to fully interface with vinyl cutting tools www.vinylcuttingmachineguide.com, understanding what safety standards are supposed to be followed in an out of your department, or business skills that aren’t explicitly taught, such as how to confidentially refer someone to your HR department. This can help you stand head and shoulders above other managers, and raise the ranks quickly.

Be Interested

You simply cannot get better at your job if you have no interest in it. Do what you can to stoke this natural enthusiasm, or, if you can’t, find a career that allows you to practice some level of interest. Be forthright and accepting in your efforts, and learn how to direct your passion in healthier pursuits. If you can do this, it will provide the backbone of your career progression.

Focus On The Work, Not Your Station

If you work in the mailroom of a business, be the best mailroom clerk you can be. If you’re a janitor, do the same. No matter your station, the attention to detail in your work matters, and it will provide you a textured attitude to learning and getting better. This will see you right throughout your working life.

With these tips, you’ll ensure the proactive approach throughout your career.

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