7 Easy Garden Upgrades

The garden is often the last part of the home to get any attention. If you’ve got the inside of your home looking just how you want it, but your garden is looking unloved, try these easy garden upgrades to make your garden a space you can enjoy.

  1. Start with a clean slate. You can’t improve a garden that needs TLC. Cut back overgrown plants, replace rotten decking or fence panels, replace broken paving slabs and pressure clean the patio and paths. Weed the flower beds and mow the lawn so things look smart.  
  2. Plant trees. If you have a big enough garden to plant trees a safe distance from the house, a tree can be a gorgeous addition to your garden.  Search ‘where can I buy trees for planting’ to find somewhere near you where you can find the right trees for your garden, whether you want to create shade or a base for the treehouse. 
  3. Create different zones in the garden for different things, like lawns and sitting areas, by creating clear borders. You can use flower beds or planters as visual divides between zones. Create a feel of outdoor ‘rooms’ by sectioning off areas with different fencing panels as dividers.
  4. Upgrade your garden furniture. Choose furniture that you can get plenty of use out of. For example, if you love to eat dinners outdoors during the summer, choose a large garden table. If you’re more about lounging with a book, why not treat yourself to a smart sun lounger or a comfy hammock for relaxing in to read. Smarten up existing furniture with a coat of varnish or paint, and some funky garden cushions for color and comfort.
  5. Keep your garden tidy and looking good with some garden storage. A storage box that is waterproof is a good way to store soft furnishings for the garden. Choose a box that doubles as a bench to add more seating and to store things like extra folding chairs. Add a shed to store the lawnmower and your gardening tools. 
  6. Make your garden a space that you can enjoy at night by using lighting. Put in lights at a range of different levels and in different colors to show off different areas. Lighting close to the ground is a great way to highlight your favorite plants and beautiful flower beds, so you can enjoy them even when the sun goes down. Add lamps around the area where you sit, cook and eat. Wall lights work well for this. Add citronella candles near cooking areas to keep insects away. Light up doors and pathways to reduce the risk of tripping in low light. 
  7. If your patio or deck is looking a little plain and boring, add some bright plants in fun pots. Potted plants are easier to maintain than plants in flower beds, so are easier for beginner gardeners. Use a mix of plants that will look good at different times of the year, so the patio stays looking cheerful. Hanging baskets by the back door could be a fun addition too to add more personality and fun. 

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