Putting Your House In Order Before The Colder Season

Okay, so we still have a few weeks left to enjoy the summer, but autumn is on the way. Yay!!! And as the new season brings the promise of rain and wind, as well as a nosediving temperature, it is important to get your house in order to prepare for this most unsunny of seasons.

There are a number of things you need to do, and while you might be able to deal with some of the jobs yourself if you spot trouble, you might still leave any dangerous or icky tasks in the hands of the professionals if you’re a little wary… Be sure to book them early if you do!

Check your water tank

If you are reliant on your central heating to keep you warm over the colder months, then you need to make sure your water tank is in order. Turn on the central heating to make sure hot water is getting through. If not, the pump might need replacing, in which case contact a company such as Slater Pumps for advice and the relevant parts. If you have already spotted problems when getting a shower or a bath – brown and rusted water, loud bangs within the tank – then these could be telltale signs of faults within the system. Most tanks last between 10-15 years, so if you have had your tank for this long, then it’s probably due to be replaced anyway. Still, get in touch with a plumber for professional advice if you think there are any issues. 

Check for drafts in your doors and windows

Admittedly, you might feel no drafts at all if you are currently basking in the warmer temperatures. Still, have a go anyway, and if you spot any, or if there are any gaps or cracks in your door and window frames, then you need to get on top of the problem before the colder weather kicks in. The most expensive option is to hire somebody to repair or replace the wooden frames or to splash out for new doors or windows, especially when the frames are badly rotted. On the other hand, if the problem isn’t that severe, you might be able to repair any rotted woodwork yourself. You can also use caulk or weatherstripping to seal any problem areas if the only issues you come across are small gaps within your frames. 

Inspect your roof

You probably won’t notice any signs of trouble on your roof over the summer. With the decreased chance of rain, you might happily go about your day unaware that you have missing or damaged shingles on your roof. However, once the weather takes a turn for the worse, you might be in for an impromptu shower if water gets in through any gaps. There is the increased chance of damp around your property too if you do suffer any water damage. Therefore, get the step ladders out and check the roof, or if you are afraid of heights and not willing to risk your life, stand at some distance below with a pair of binoculars to get a better look. If you spot signs of trouble, it’s time to call out a roofer to fix any problems ahead of time. 


There is more you can do when putting your house in order for the colder months, of course, so as well as following our suggestions, consider these low-cost ways to prepare your home for autumn and winter too. You will then be warm and toasty at home, no matter what the weather is like outside.

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