Is Your Home Future Proof?

You’ve been looking at those style magazines again, haven’t you? Be honest… And daydreaming about funky floors, cool contemporary lighting – or new feature walls. They’re all highly desirable – we get it, don’t worry. But does future-proofing your home figure in your thinking? It should do…

Why is it important?

What we’re suggesting is looking ahead – and ensuring renovations make your home ‘fit for the future’.  You need to accommodate changing products or solutions, for example. or it could become obsolete. And no-one wants that… 

Is your home SMART enough?

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives – there’s no getting away from it.  And I’m sure you’re up to speed with everything current, but have you installed smart solutions to control your lighting and appliances – or security, for example? The trend’s growing.  So doing that makes sense if you want your home to hold value. They’re less expensive than you might think to put in – and they’ll pay you back in dividends once you have done.

Make it more energy-efficient

Why not replace outdated appliances at home with energy-efficient models?  These can prove really cost-effective too in the long term – as well as their environmental benefits. And we know you care about those, which we’ll come back to… Replace old toilets with new low-flow models and any single-pane windows with double – immediately.  These are mandatory in new houses anyway, so it’s a great move in terms of your home’s saleability. Perhaps add newer insulation options, which are less toxic – and more effective in sealing cracks and holes too!

And eco-friendly

We’re all very aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint nowadays, aren’t we? And that’s as important to think about as anywhere at home. So try to use recycled and reclaimed materials wherever you can. As well as helping the environment, you’ll create something unique. Low VOC paints are a great option too – they’re less toxic, odorless and kind to the planet.

Think about our aging population 

It might seem far off in the future but this is about future-proofing – and accommodating the needs of senior occupants is a really hot trend.. It’s not just how any extra space will be utilized now, but a decade or two down the road, after all. So consider talking to granny flat builders for example, about how you could create a cool, safe haven.

Make wiring changes for the future

Depending on the age of your home, it probably wasn’t wired to cope even with current technologies. So upgrade your wiring and think how to future proof it in the process – perhaps run an extra conduit to accommodate those needs. You want to be ready for whatever the next technological advance is.  And so do any prospective new buyers, after all.

In conclusion

We hope this post has given you food for thought about things to consider when updating your home.  Living in a beautiful environment right now is important, undoubtedly. But we all need to look ahead and get set for the future.

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