House From The Outside: Make It Shine In Your Neighborhood

A lot of the time people focus on the inside of their home. It’s fair. It’s what directly impacts you and your life. Comfort is key, and interior decorating can help you do that. But if it’s curb appeal you’re after you’ll want to look at the exterior. Maintaining a great looking home from the outside gives you a sense of pride. It’ll do wonders for your house value too if you were inclined to sell. There are different things to think about regarding the outside of your home and different angles to take. These tips can help you start thinking in the right direction as you start your journey towards a better-looking home.

Clean your Roof

They can get pretty grimy over the years. Especially if you live somewhere with a heightened rainfall. Moss and dirt can gather on the tiles and clog up the guttering. You can get these cleared fairly easily, but if your roof is beyond, consider looking for a roofing contractor for a quote on a full or partial replacement. You could just get it cleaned down. Sometimes getting new guttering can make the difference. Guttering tends to frame your home so having it looking new and shiny goes a long way. It also ensures the water runs off easily as it should. Remember, your roof is a huge part of your home from the outside, it should be your first port of call.

Tend Your Garden

Not everyone has front gardens. Many who do don’t have the time to tend them. Think simple. You could get it all paved. This would add value to your home too. If you’ve got green thumbs a few plants and bushes go a long way in enhancing your homes curb appeal. Look at getting evergreens so they stay bright all year round, and they usually require minimal maintenance too. There are countless companies who can do this for you if you’re strapped for time but have the cash to spend. Keeping your garden in good condition does wonders for the look of your home and if your neighbors keep there’s looking good too it’ll go a long way.

Keep Your Walls Looking Good

This only really applies to older homes but depending on the weather in your location it could affect newer homes too. Sometimes the pointing tends to wear thin between bricks. It can look a bit untidy, but the main issue is damp and rainwater getting inside. This can cause all kinds of problems. Get the spaces between your bricks repointed. It isn’t a big job you could probably do it yourself. Another area to look at is your windows. Are they looking tired? Consider a good cleaning to bring out the white again. You could even get new ones. A key benefit here being you can help keep the heat in your home. They’ll increase the value of your home too. If you wanted to try something different look for ornamentation. Perhaps something like a trellis with colorful flowers trailing through it. 

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