4 Types Of Music Making A Comeback

Everything in the entertainment industry seems to be cyclical. Look at movies out right now: we’re enjoying the reboots of 90’s movies like Jumanji and the live-action Disney movies. We’re also seeing some of the favorite TV shows of the 90s and 00s being remade – hello, Charmed and Beverly Hills 90210! – and we’re also seeing a lot of music coming full circle. If you think about the genres of music that have taken over in the past, we’ve gone from blues and country to rock and R&B, to hip hop and pop, and now EDM which has been around for a very long time, but it’s in again.

It’s essential to recognize the cyclical aspect of music, and we all enjoy the music of our childhoods when it comes back around again. One day, we’ll all be buying from https://stockmusic.net/royalty-free-music/genre-dubstep for Skrillex. Here are four specific types of music are making their second debut. Let’s take a look:

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You remember The Supremes and Marvin Gaye, right? Well, now we have Tank and the Bangas, H.E.R., and Lizzo bringing back soulful tunes in a modern way. It’s taken longer than expected for the Motown element to pop back up in today’s music. The music of that era was extremely successful in the 1960s and that success continued throughout the 70s, and then morphed into 80’s and 90’s R&B and neo-soul. That’s when we saw a rise in girls groups like Envogue, TLC, and SWV who filled the shoes of the Supremes and Martha & The Vandellas. Also, solo artists like Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Brandy, Monica, Erykah Badu, and later on Beyonce’, Amy Whinehouse, and Adele carried the soulful torch of Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and Gladys Knight.

Punk Rock

The Clash was a big deal in a generation of people that despised the rigid prejudices of the British class systems. On the other side of the pond, The Ramones were making waves. Then the 90s hit, and Green Day stepped in to be the punk rock classic band of today, and their success allowed bands such as Bad Religion and Rancid to step up. Thankfully, people haven’t forgotten the Sex Pistols, but Green Day and their success have brought punk rock back into the limelight.

Garage Rock

Do you remember this song by The Sonics? It’s a very blurry connection between the punk rock style of music and garage band music, but some just stood out a few decades back. Then, just on the cusp of the Millennium, The White Stripes stepped up and pulled garage rock forward again – even if they aren’t fans of the description!


People usually turn their noses up at folk music, until they realize that Bob Dylan was a folk artist. It’s a broad genre of music that goes way back to the 1930s and 1940s with Woody Guthrie. By the Sixties, Bob Dylan was popular in flavor and stayed that way for some time. By the time the 80s arose, the folk songs were seen as campfire fodder. Luckily, in the 00s, Mumford and Sons and Bon Iver brought it all back, and people learned to appreciate folksy music all over again.

We’ll hopefully see revivals of Reggae, Reggaeton, and Disco at some point, but until then, there are plenty of genres making their comeback.


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