4 Top Master’s Degree Ideas For Online Study

Want to try your hand at taking on a masters degree? One of the main problems grad students face these days is that by the time that you’re already in the workforce, it’s unrealistic to give it all up and go back to school! Thankfully, the beautiful world of tech has made it super easy to study for your masters online! Before we consider some course ideas, let’s take a look at the key benefits of braving the world of studying online.

 Benefits of online study 

Some people wonder why they should opt for studying online as opposed to in person?  Firstly, you’ll likely be getting a better price on your studies, and secondly, you will not have to limit yourself in terms of what courses you study. You remove limitations because you won’t need to consider relocation or a commute, which will mean that you won’t be making any compromises on the types of courses that are available to you. Studying online is entirely flexible because you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your own home (hurray)! Now that’s cleared up, the next thing you’ll need to decide is just what you’ll want to study! Let’s take a look at some of the great ideas that you might want to consider. 


 Perhaps you had an interest in psychology in high school that you didn’t pursue? Or you did pursue it in your college degree, but then didn’t end up working in the field after graduation? Following your passions is something that you won’t ever regret and if you’re not sure what your passion is yet, why not have a research of a few different psychology masters programs and see if anything stands out? Those with a masters in psychology will be learning about the detailed facets of human behavior. These courses can provide a wide range of work opportunities from therapists and counselors to roles within health services or education. 


Accountants can largely benefit from pursuing a masters program, and with the convenience of online study, they won’t have to give up the day job to go down this route. Advances in technology in the field of accounting, for those working in the profession, could give themselves a boost by studying further. Within these programs, you might typically build your knowledge of cost accounting and financial reporting while developing your strategic thinking and leadership skills. You can also help yourself to prepare for a management accountant or internal auditor certification. New England College has such courses available should you feel this might just be a worthy option for your progression.


If you have a lust for biology, are working in a related role, and would like to take your passion further, then studying a masters in Biology could be the way to go. On graduation of this option, there will be many jobs available to you. Your choices will largely depend on the research that you have carried out, what you have specialized in, and what knowledge you have consequently gained. For example, you might land yourself a career within zoology, biophysics, or biochemistry. You will need a college degree in a science-related discipline to get yourself onto one of these courses. 

Creative Writing 

If you’re more of the creative type and see yourself as something of a novelist or poet, perhaps a masters in creative writing is for you? In general, you would probably come from a college degree background that involves humanities or fine arts-based subject. You’ll experiment with a range of styles and genres and allow yourself to find your voice and style while creating something beautiful. Often graduates go onto a variety of writing, research, or teaching based roles. Creativity has long been praised for contributing to our sense of well-being and health, so if you have a creative streak, why not nurture it? So many people do not enjoy their work so those of you who find something that they can enjoy, should take the leap and go for it! 

Sometimes it can be challenging to decide on a course for continued education. Generally, to best inform your decision you’ll want to look to your college degree and at the options that you are both suited to and qualified to pursue. Sometimes, work experience within a particular field can also contribute to your suitability to pursue a masters in that subject. Try to make an informed decision based on where you see yourself in the future and your overall goals.

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