3 Reasons Why Accounting Can Be A Great Career Choice

For anyone contemplating the shape of their future career, a career in accounting is definitely worth considering. Now it didn’t work out for me, it was my first major in college, but it can definitely be a great option for someone else. To find out more about the benefits such a career can provide here are three particular benefits you could look forward to should you choose this route… 

#1 – Job security

In the aftermath of the financial crash a decade ago, many workers prioritize careers that can be considered “recession-proof” – and accounting is a great choice in this regard. All companies, in all industries, rely on accountants to ensure their company finances are well-managed. Due to this, it’s fair to assume that for as long as the business world is turning, there will always be a need for accounting experts. 

#2 – The chance to work for a wide range of different companies 

Many careers will “lock” people into working for a specific type of company, but with accounting, the business world is your oyster. You could, for example, work for a company that sells clothing one year, then move to a nonprofit organization the next, then work for a travel company – whatever you wish. The core accounting skills remain the same regardless of the company, so you can vary your working environment as you wish.

#3 – Opportunities for further advancement

There is always more to learn when it comes to accounting, so if you ever feel like you’d like to change roles or obtain further education in order to improve your future prospects, you’ll always be well served. In particular, a Master degree of Accounting (MAc) can be hugely advantageous, as the infographic below outlines… 

Infographic Design By University of Alabama Birmingham

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