How To Help Yourself When Working Long Hours

When you work long hours or night shifts, you’ll know just how grueling they can be. However, you can look to make them more bearable with the right actions. Here’s what you can do to help yourself.

Take Naps

First of all, one thing that you’ll really benefit from is napping when you can. You’ll find that, if you can get a short 20-minute nap during a long shift, you’ll boost your energy. Napping strategically before a night shift can also help you to avoid sleepiness throughout the night too.

Eat Well

You’ll also find that eating well really helps you too. It’s easy to think that sugary foods will give you energy, but they do the opposite. They’ll make you crash! Instead, healthy foods will give you more energy for longer and help to see you through.

Keep Moving

Next, you’re also going to want to think about moving as much as you can. Exercise definitely increases your energy levels and focus. So not only should you think about exercising regularly outside of work, but you’ll find it can really help you the more you move around when you’re working too.


And, of course, you’ve always got your good old friend caffeine to think about too! If you know that you do tend to get sleepy and struggle at a certain point, plan your caffeine intake strategically to try and counteract that. For more tips, make sure you check out the below infographic on surviving long hours and night shifts in particular!

Infographic Design By Bradley University

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