Different Ways To Spend Time With Your Partner (That’s Not A Candlelight Dinner)

If your first date seems like a lifetime ago and you’ve both got into a comfortable habit where you are both forever on the couch, sometimes it’s high time to shake it up a bit. While we love them more than anything, we all know that relationships can get somewhat stagnant or we can take them for granted. But if you are a couple that goes beyond the normal conventions of what constitutes a date, you’ve got to think about the things that make your relationships special, but without sitting in a restaurant over a stereotypical candlelight dinner. With this in mind, what are some different ways to spend some time with your loved one?

Learn Together

Perhaps you are a couple that likes to defy conventions. Rather than going on a date, perhaps you want to do something where you are learning something new. It doesn’t have to be sat in a language class, but if you are both of the persuasion that you like to learn and develop, then go ahead! Instead, you could go to something a little bit different, yet educational. You could go to a BYOB art class and paint and sip on booze, while still creating a lovely watercolor feature. Learning doesn’t have to be in a boring classroom setting. Instead, you can just find the most sociable aspects of getting an education. Going to the theater is another great example. Instead of just sitting down being mind-numbingly bored in front of yet another Hamlet, use the interval to get a few drinks and take in the culture.

Be Together

You don’t necessarily have to partake in a boozy night, but you could still take the opportunity to just sit down, turn the television off, and enjoy a nice glass of rioja. When we get into the routines of modern, mundane life we can neglect the simpler things in our existence. If we sit down with each other, turn the television off, take the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes and listen to the other person, this is proper quality time.

Don’t Plan Anything

You don’t have to structure a night out, but rather leave it to the fates to decide what’s going to happen. Get yourself dressed up, arrange to meet somewhere and follow your nose. Life should be about an adventure, rather than planning everything to a rigid routine. In our relationships, we should take the opportunity to follow our instincts, and throw caution to the wind. If we choose not to plan anything and try something new, it helps to recapture that original sense of adventure and carelessness you both had before life imposed its duties on you.

Of course, we all need a routine, but if our relationship can suffer as a result, and yet we spend more time in front of the TV than anything else, this is when we’ve got to shake things up. If you want to stay away from the normal setup where you go for a date or catch a film, perhaps it’s about getting back to a simpler time?

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