The Emotional Roller-coaster of Moving

Everyone has to move at some point in their life, whether you’re moving away for college or into your first apartment or home. It’s always an opportunity to start life anew. But whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure, moving can have a massive impact on your emotions. These are just some of the emotions you will go through as you’re preparing for a move. Chances are, you might be going through them already if you’re currently involved in the moving process.


Let’s start on a positive note because there is plenty to be excited about when you’re moving. You will be moving into a new home for starters, and possibly even into a new town or city. You will meet new people, many of which will hopefully become lifelong friends. There might be new opportunities for your career. And there could be aspects of the location that particularly excites you, such as the close proximity to a shopping mall, or a wealth of leisure activities to get involved in. There should be much to look forward to, so try to keep this positive emotion, even when you’re hitting the low points.


After your initial feelings of excitement, fear might set in, with a few ”what if’s’ guaranteed to cause you sleepless nights. What if I’m making a mistake? What if I move into the wrong neighborhood? What if I forget something vital? What if my belongings get lost or damaged when moving? And so on and so on and so on. These fears are perfectly natural, but you can take steps to quell your fears. You should take your time when choosing where to live, for example, as you can use this time to work out your budget and research possible houses and locations to make sure you make the right choice. You should create a moving checklist, writing down everything you need to do so there is less chance of you forgetting something. And you should hire a reputable moving company, so you have fewer concerns about your precious belongings. Fear not then, because with planning, you will be okay!


When you’re in the last stage of your house move, the fact that you are leaving your property will sink in. You might feel sad about leaving the house that has given you so many happy memories. You might feel sad about the people you are leaving behind. And you might feel sad about giving up a life in a neighborhood you have frequently enjoyed. Natural feelings all, and while there’s nothing wrong with feeling sad, you should still try to think of the positives about the move. And besides, you can still keep in touch with old friends, and once you have moved your belongings into your new house, you will instantly feel at home, so you don’t have to remain sad for long.

Relief and joy

And finally, when you have finally moved into your new home, you should feel relief and joy. All of your moving stresses will be over, you will be glad to have left some of the worst aspects about your old home, and you will have the happiness that comes with a fresh new start. So, if you’re currently going through the fear or sadness stages, know that they will one day drift away. Stay positive, and as we said at the beginning, be excited about the joy that will come when you eventually get into your new home!

One thought on “The Emotional Roller-coaster of Moving

  1. I’ve been moving from place to place constantly for the last 6 years. I don’t see that ending anytime soon. It certainly doesn’t help any form of recovery but I can’t keep still and I end up hating wherever I live.

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