Creating A Bedroom Paradise

Our bedroom is the one room in the house which we spend more time than any other, whether we are awake or not. The bedroom is a wonderful part of the home and it is one of the most important elements of a great house. We all need a place we can escape to and relax after a long day, and with a wonderful cozy space, we will always feel well rested and happy.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways which we can create a relaxing and cozy bedroom this year.

  1. Invest in a mattress

One of the best things you can do in order to make your bedroom cozy is to invest in a great mattress. When it comes to sleeping well, it is important for us to be able to rest and relax and allow our body to recover after a long day. Sleep is the most important process our body can go through and this is why it is crucial for us to get our 40 winks each and every night. There are many different types of mattress for different types of sleeper and it is crucial for you to choose one which suits your sleep style the best. Have a think about testing a couple of mattresses and see which one is the best for you. Once you have the ideal mattress for you, you’ll be able to enjoy a much better night’s sleep.

  1. Get rid of clutter

Clutter is something which as much as we try to avoid, we all end up within the home now and again. To ensure that the bedroom is a relaxing and paradise-like place to be, it is a good idea for you to get rid of the clutter in your bedroom. This will include any tissues or tags you have lying around, any random toiletries and empty deodorant bottles, and also things like clothes. How many of you have a chair or surface which acts as its own wardrobe? If you do, make sure that you get rid of that today and try not to fill it up again any time soon! We know it can be easier, but it will make the room look messy, cluttered and less relaxing.

  1. Say goodbye to work

If you want to make sure that your bedroom is the most relaxing part of the house, you need to say goodbye to anything related to work as soon as you walk in the room. This means that no paperwork or laptops should be in your bedroom and you should never bring your work into this room. The bedroom should be the one part of the house that you can truly relax in and if you have work in there you might get distracted and this can be a bad thing.

  1. Use natural fibers

The key to a great night’s sleep is being able to stay cool and comfortable all night long. In the summer it can feel almost impossible to stay comfortable and cool however you can change this in a simple way. Instead of using fibers such as polyester for your bedding, you can switch to natural fibers which are a lot airier and will keep you cool even on the warmest days of the year. This can be the ideal way to help you stay cool and make sure that you can sleep well all night long.

  1. Tone it down

The best thing you can do to your bedroom to make it feel more relaxing and calming is to tone down the color scheme and keep things fairly natural. If you love to decorate your home it might be very tempting for you to add a bunch of bright colors like in the rest of the home, but this isn’t the best port of call for a bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should be a place with minimal colors because the less color in the room, the less mental simulation it will take to look at your walls, bedding, and accessories. Think about adding some hotel quality bed runners from Richard Haworth in a simple, dark color such as a deep red or blue, or in the summer a light pastel such as mint or lilac. It is always a great idea to use deeper or muted tones for the bedroom as it will help great that relaxing feel.

  1. Stay simple with color

As we already mentioned above, it is important to keep your color scheme simple in the bedroom. Usually, when creating a color scheme for other parts of the home, you will want to use 2 bright colors and 2-3 neutral ones. For example, a living room color scheme could be green and yellow, and then white, grey and black. This is not the case in the bedroom and you will want something more like 1 bright color and 2 neutrals, for example, indigo, white and grey. Keep it simple and stick to this style for the best results.

  1. Use the seasons

Season play a big part in the design of any part of the house and if you want to make a relaxing room which suits every season, you will need to make changes at different times of the year. For example, if you were styling the room in winter you might want lots of white, fluffy items, some tartan elements such as cushions and runners, and a candle or two. In the summer, however, you might choose natural linen sheets. Some yellow or blue cushions for a beachy feel, and less clutter for a breezy living space. The colors and materials you add into the home at different times of the year will make a big difference to the room and it will allow you to feel relaxed and happy all year long.

Using these simple tips you should be able to create the most relaxing bedroom paradise this year for your home.

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