Guide To Choosing An Amazing Event Venue

If you are hosting a party lasting until the early hours of the morning and it is suited to the energetic partygoer then you have a challenge on your hands. This is because relaxed and comfortable venue settings and atmospheres are a lot easier to create. Keeping energy levels high, the atmosphere electric, and the party pumping all night long is a lot more difficult. Nevertheless, if you get it right, then you are going to create a party that goes down in history with all of the people you know.

When creating an electric and euphoric party occasion you need to find the best event venue for the job. You need to pick a spot that has personality. Whether you go for something modern or conventional is up to you – but it depends on what type of modern and what type of conventional you go for. For example, with regard to the former, you need to think about intriguing shapes and bright lights. When you are going for conventional it is a great idea to go somewhere that has a grungy, underground, and exclusive feel to it.

The lighting used has just been very briefly touched upon and this is very important when creating that upbeat tempo and electric ambiance. Technology has advanced at a scarily rapid pace. This means that there are a monumental number of opportunities available to you when it comes to the lighting utilized. It is important that you play around with different systems, different colors, different shapes, and different patterns. This keeps the party lively, it keeps it going, and it keeps it interesting. If you take a step back and look at the dance area and the entire venue as a whole then you will see that the lighting plays a chief role in the image and the vibe of the event. You also need to make sure the venue has an HVAC system in place so that it does not get too hot and stuffy for all of the guests.

And, how else is a euphoric atmosphere created than with great entertainment? Having a live band is highly recommended. After all, musicians really know how to get the crowd pumping and everyone out of their seats. Another idea is to opt for a DJ. The electronic dance vibe scene lends itself particularly well to these sorts of events and has that high-end glamour feeling to it as well. Moreover, you do not merely have to stop there. You can have dancers or circus performers displayed throughout the entire venue. This adds to the personality and fun entailed. It also ensures that the party never stops.

If you make sure that you find the best event venue, the most innovative and exciting light system, and the best entertainment for the evening, then you are assured to have a great party with an energetic atmosphere in 2019. It is all about creating a vision – the type of mood and party you want to create. Do you want an exclusive underground feel? Do you want a big club event? Whatever you choose, you need to focus on high energy and electricity levels to ensure the atmosphere sees people last the entire night.

Crazy celebrity parties to give you ideas

Nobody quite throws a party like a celebrity does! From P Diddy to Paris Hilton to Simon Cowell; they all know how to party like rock stars. But who takes the crown? Read on to discover some of the best (and craziest) celebrity parties. You can use this in order to gain inspiration for a party you may be hosting.

Let’s start with the music mogul himself; Simon Cowell. You can learn a few tips for milestone birthdays by taking a look at how the X Factor producer spent his 50th birthday. Simon spent the occasion at his mansion in Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. He invited approximately 400 of his nearest and dearest for a delicious meal and some innovative entertainment. The meal is something you could easily source yourself, it included; apple pie, chicken soup, shepherd’s pie, prawns, and fish and chips – although the dishes were probably not as simple as they sound. Moreover, he did throw in a lobster martini as well; err… yum? And this is where it gets even more interesting; the entertainment. Guests were treated to Rat Pack impersonators and sharks. That’s right; there was a shark tank for all to see.

Simon Cowell is quite a man, but when it comes to party planning there is nobody who can knock P Diddy (real name: Sean Combs) off of his throne. There are so many parties to choose from, but one particularly sticking in mind is the black and white themed party he threw for his 40th birthday. What a great way to welcome the midlife crisis period! Black and white themed parties are simple to execute, yet highly effective. Therefore, you should definitely consider implementing a dress theme. The party was held at the Plaza Hotel in New York. There are some great hotels all around the world for fantastic party venues. Therefore you can definitely do your take on the P Diddy party effect.

And finally, it would not be right to complete this list without a lovely lady to mention. And who else could it be but the ultimate socialite herself, Paris Hilton? It seems that all Paris did was party from 2002-2010, but who could blame her? She’s definitely good at it and now gets paid extremely well to DJ at parties! So, which of Paris’s parties was the best? When you turn 21 it is always a big occasion, and that was no different for the reality star. Paris hosted five parties for her 21st birthday, and they took place all over the world. Three of these were in America; Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, whilst the other two were in London and Tokyo. Five parties is a big ask, but there’s nothing quite like dragging your birthday out!

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