Ways to notify people about your engagement

So often in film and television, we see that the wedding is most loved by the bride to be. It’s true that many young girls have been fantasizing about their wedding since they were very young. However, remember that it takes two to tango and thus no one person in the couple should assume full control of the process. In the very beginning when you’ve been through the proposal, both of you will need to notify the people you love about what just happened and what will be happening next. Many people keep this everything up until after the proposal to themselves because they don’t want word to slip out. It goes without saying that this would ruin the surprise. Once it’s over and you have had your embrace, now it’s your turn to both shock your friends and family. But how do you go about it as a couple?

The first few moments

Capturing the moment is almost like a game of Tetris because all the pieces have to fit properly for it to work. What better way in the modern age than to record a short video about the proposal and future plans? Don’t send it out all over Twitter and Facebook however, you should keep it for the closest members of the family and your group of trusted friends. Don’t forget that this is an intimate moment in your life and it’s not really for public consumption. Select a few people that you really love and send them a video together, announcing the engagement and what kind of wedding plans you are already thinking about.

By your hand

Letter writing has not gone away although for some it has gone out of style. Yet this is one of the most profound ways to show how much someone means to you because it’s written by your hand. It doesn’t get more personal than this when it comes to communication without being face to face. So, select a few people in your life that have meant a lot for you, have done things for you and been there in your time of need. Write a personal letter to them, informing them of your engagement, the path in life you will now be taking and what role they have played in the lead up to your proposal. You can write these letters together as a couple or take your time and within a few short days, start sending these letters out.

A personal touch

Perhaps the most anticipated form of communication to your guests will be the invitations. These are the formal requests of presence that should stand out. With DIY wedding invitations from Pure Invitation, you get to choose your kind of style. You have a staggering 8 steps of customization, everything from laser cutting, card color, printed personal message and custom envelope are open to your choice. All this adds a personal touch that guests will notice and appreciate more.

A couple should divide responsibilities for the wedding and your first test of this will be just after the proposal. How you communicate your wedding plans and requests should be done together.

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