Important Tips For Staying Safe On A First Date

First dates are an exciting, anxiety-inducing mess but sometimes, they can be the beginning of an amazing relationship. You’re always going to have some bad ones but you have to push through those to get to the good ones. Dating is easier than ever because there are so many different ways to meet people, but it does also mean that dating can be more dangerous. When you’re meeting a total stranger, you need to make sure that you’re careful because you don’t know who is going to turn up. If you’re dating at the moment, here are some simple tips to help keep yourself safe.

Tell Somebody Where You’re Going

This is so important because if something does happen, it’s important that somebody knows where you were meeting and at what time. Make sure you tell a friend the details of the date before you leave and let them know what time you expect to be back. You should message them when the date is over so they know that everything went ok, they’ll want to know all of the juicy details anyway. If the date goes well and you decide to go on somewhere else afterward, make sure to let people know so that they aren’t worried.

Meet Somewhere Public

When you’re deciding on somewhere to meet for the date, it’s important that you choose somewhere public. You don’t want to invite a stranger over to your house or go somewhere secluded. It’s not likely that you’re in any danger but it’s best to be safe and meet in a public place during the day for a first date.

Always Take Contraception

You might be thinking that this isn’t an issue because you aren’t going to sleep with somebody on a first date but it’s always best to be cautious anyway. You need to make sure that you’re taking control of the situation and not relying on somebody else to provide contraception. Whether you’re taking the pill or using iud contraception, it’s important that you know you’re protected. You don’t know what the other person’s attitude is and how responsible they are, so you can’t leave it up to them.

Don’t Give Out Personal Details

When you’re on a date you’re trying to get to know that person so you’re naturally going to tell them things about yourself, but you have to be careful. You shouldn’t be giving away too many details about where you live etc. because you don’t know this person very well. If they’re pushing you for that kind of information, that’s not a good sign.

Group Dates

If you’re particularly worried about your safety when you’re dating, you should consider group dates. Having a friend there will make you feel a lot safer and you can leave together if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. It’s also good if you’re feeling nervous about the date because having a friend there will help to keep you relaxed. Safety is so important in dating because people are organizing dates online with people that they’ve never met before. The majority of the time, there’s nothing to worry about, but it’s always best to be cautious.

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