New Season, New You: Is It Time For A Career Shake Up?

As much as we all might like to have a career that we love at all times, that doesn’t always happen. At first, when you’re an eager young college student out to make your way in the world, you may feel as if you have chosen the right career, and you’re excited to make waves. But this doesn’t always last. When you actually get started in your career, you may find that the work you’re doing isn’t quite what you’re looking for, nor is it all that fulfilling – and this can be for a myriad of reasons. One of the most common is because you followed a path for other people and not necessarily yourself. So when you’re left in a job that you hate, what are you to do? Change it, of course! And the best part is, you don’t have to wait for a new year to do that. We have a new season coming up, so now is the perfect excuse to do something about it.

Start A Side Hustle

The very first thing that you might want to think about here is doing something that you’re passionate about. But the thing is with this – you cannot always just dive right into it. Maybe you need to put a lot of work in before you can make money? Like with writing or starting a business. So for this, you might want to start out doing things on the side, building it up, and then leave your job when you’re making money.

Go Back To School

If you want to move into a new field that you have to be qualified for, the next step for you might be to go back to school? Do you like the idea of learning something new or moving into a skilled profession? If so, school is your next move.

Completely Change Direction

Then, you may actually feel as if you want to change direction completely. Sometimes, you may feel as if you’ve missed your true calling or you aren’t being fulfilled by the kind of work that you have been doing. Here, you could look into something totally different like nursing or air evac careers or teaching. Think about what you can do to make a total change for the better.

Make A Difference

Or maybe you want to take that a step further and really try to make a difference in the world? Maybe working in charity or on aid projects can help? Sometimes, making a difference to the lives of others can really turn your world around.


Finally, you may even find that you actually want to take a bit of a career break to travel! Maybe you know that you’re not where you want to be, but you’re not quite ready to make a decision. So don’t rush, but take a step away and try something new. By taking a career break to travel, explore the world, and broaden your horizons, you’ll find that your life may really change for the better, and that’s definitely what you want.

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