You’re Always Safe With A Statement Piece

Fashion is a tricky thing for any of us to get right. As soon as you think you’ve mastered it, the styles have moved onto the next big thing and left you in the dust. Too often, it can seem like you have to buy all the time to make sure that you keep on top of the latest trends. But, guess what? That’s precisely the way those shops want you to feel!

Sadly, fashion has become big business. That means consumers are forever made to feel like they need to buy new pieces which don’t last five minutes. But, we’re here to tell you that you needn’t fall for those tricks anymore. Far from buying the next big thing, you’d be better off focusing on statement pieces which last a lot longer. Many of us avoid these because we’re afraid of making the wrong statement. Not to mention that such pieces tend to cost a lot more than those little tops you buy most of the time. But, statement items could actually end up saving your wardrobe. And, here’s why.

A strong foundation on which to build your wardrobe

For one, a few strong foundation pieces provide you with a solid basis on which to build your wardrobe. That could see you finding your individual style a lot sooner than you would otherwise. Instead of worrying about colors and trendy pieces, you’d be able to build the rest of your wardrobe on neutral options which worked with your prime piece. This is effectively the basis of a capsule wardrobe, and it works! If you always find that you’re moving with the fashion tide, stop opting for standalone outfits. Pick a statement piece which can work for you across the board.

A fantastic way to finish any outfit

Sometimes, it’s challenging to feel like you’ve really completed an outfit. It may be that there always seems to be something missing, or that you’re never 100% satisfied. Well, guess what? Statement pieces are a fantastic way around this. Topping off your outfit with a finishing touch like this leather peplum jacket is sure to do the trick with near enough anything you wear. Equally, adding a winning necklace to a summer outfit could see you setting your fashion alight. These are benefits you’re never going to find if you aren’t willing to make a statement.

An affordable way to do fashion

We know what you’re thinking; how is an expensive statement piece more affordable than the fast fashion you’ve been buying? The short answer is that it’s not, yet this is still a cost-effective way to do style. That because, with one or two statement pieces, you can complete your wardrobe from one season to the next. You won’t have to worry about replacing cheap clothes every time the fickle fashions change. Instead, you’ll be able to get decent wear out of those quality items. If you’re guilty of buying clothes often, then, statement options could soon save you a fortune.

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