The Easiest And Most Effective Software Your Business Can’t Do Without

There are many tools which you can now use to make your business more efficient and productive. There are technologies which can speed up your processes meaning you can accomplish more with less. However, it can be challenging to work out which ones are right for your business because you’re not very ‘techy’ then the whole process can be daunting. It is essential though to embrace the digital age and look at incorporating solutions that your employees, clients, and partners, either already use or can quickly learn to use to make collaborating that much easier. So which are the tech tools for your company?


Trello is a user-friendly project management tool and better than that, it’s free! It’s also very visual, easy to follow and it simplifies tasks. Trello lets you develop a system to manage your tasks; it is a time saver and a great way to organize and manage your work and your employees’ work.


Buffer is a social media management tool where you can manage multiple social media accounts at once. No matter what industry you’re in – whether it’s marketing and you’re managing other people’s social media, or you’re just managing your accounts for your business, then it’s a handy tool to have. There is a free version available, but it has its limitations, so it is worth trying it out first and then upgrading and paying for more features if it works for you.


Templafy has several different solutions including Sales Enablement and Sales Collateral Management. Sales enablement consists of all the sales content, communication tools, and technology necessary for an organization’s sales processes and this tool ensures that all the tools for assisting the sales process are easily accessible, integrated and streamlined empowering salespeople to be as efficient as possible throughout the entire sales cycle. The salesperson can then focus on providing the best service possible to every customer they interact with, from the very first outreach to signing the deal and taking care of the customer relationship. Check it out here:


Slack is a high tech tool used for internal communications within your company. It allows teams to create their own channels of conversations, video conferences and they can also create alerts for their objectives. A platform like this is beneficial in our ever flexible working lives as it means that people can work from home and work at different times. Having somewhere where staff can coordinate online is useful and can be extremely productive for your company.


Even though you want your expenses back, it can be a dreaded task each month to collect your receipts, make sure you have them all and fill in those expenses forms. So, if you’re not using Expensify, you should be. Expensify is a handy tool that keeps track of business expenses, receipts, reimbursements, and business purchases. It makes all of this more manageable for employees, managers and the finance team too as it allows you to upload images of receipts and submit purchases for approval right from your phone.

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