Make Your Living Space More Luxe

Often it is kitchens and bathrooms that people renovate first, but your living room is the first space people see when they are new to your home. It needs some care and attention too. If you are on a budget to make your living space look luxe, these few tips might help. To start with, consider how much space you have and what look you want to create.

Hang A Large Piece Of Art

Hanging a large piece of art can really add a wow factor to your living room. It becomes the focal point, and if it is hung by itself on one of the walls will have a huge impact with very little hassle.  Check out the local markets and second-hand stores and you will find large pieces of art that do not cost a fortune. A piece of sculpture can have the same effect. Something with an interesting shape, that is not the normal curves and straight lines, will become a talking point as well as making your living space look luxe.

Use Varied Textures

Using a variety of textures will help to make your living room feel as though it was custom designed. Mixing glass with metals, woods, leather, and different fabrics helps to make a dynamic living space that you will be proud of. The key is in finding pieces that fit together and not breaking the bank as you do. Take your time to find the right pieces and the room will come together naturally.

Change Your Windows

Although this may be more expensive than many other options, windows that are old and worn out will ruin a room no matter what else you do. Consider window renewal by Andersen Windows and you will soon realize that it is not just how much better they would look, but also how much good windows could reduce your energy bills. Once the new windows are fitted, do not hide them with heavy drapes or blinds. The most effective use of windows is to let as much natural daylight as possible stream in through them.

Keep It Simple

A room that is cluttered will never look luxurious; it will just appear to be messy.  It does not have to be minimalistic if that is not your style, but it should be tidy and organized if you want it to look chic and sophisticated. A simplified space will be cheaper to put together, will make the pieces you put in it stand out and will be easier to keep clean and tidy.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors can have an amazing effect on any room.  A large mirror hung opposite a window will enlarge the room to the eye and reflect extra daylight into the space. You could even use one to disguise your TV that is wall mounted, as this will visually minimize the fact that the TV is the centerpiece of the room.

Include A Historical Piece

A historical piece of furniture or ornament can give a room an air of wisdom. You do not have to scour antique shops to find something suitable as you will find many old pieces in places such as flea markets, where they will cost a lot less. An old side table, picture frame or something similar will do the trick and the older it is the better.

Decorative Molding

Add some decorative molding between the ceiling and the walls and maybe some around the light fittings.  This is a simple, cheap and effective way of improving the look of your room and once it has been done, it will last for years. You can enhance the look by painting your ceiling a few shades lighter than the color on your walls and then make the molding white so it stands out more.

Fresh Flowers And Plants

Adding fresh flowers or plants to a room’s decor not only helps to make it look really good but they also help to freshen the air. Be bold with the flora making it large so that it really does become a focal point all of its own. Flower displays should not be flimsy and then they will add instant class to any room you put them in.

Creating A Luxe Living Space On A Budget

It does not matter if you are limited by finances or by time, creating a luxe living space need not cost much of either. It just takes some thought and planning for you to end up with the room you desire.

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