Upgrade Your Bathroom This Spring

Now that the new season is truly upon us, we might be thinking about upgrades we can do around the house during our spring clean for the year. Spring is a time for new beginnings and often when we have been in the house all winter we want a change to look forward to. Right now I’m thinking about upgrading my bathroom. I hate to say it, but my bathroom is super basic, and you all know that I don’t do basic. Now I probably won’t be gutting it anytime soon, but the ideas are flowing. I will definitely share that journey when the time comes, but for now, here are a few things you can do to make your bathroom feel brand new this spring.

Change the taps

The easiest upgrade you can make to the bathroom this year which will make an impact on the room is to change the taps in your bath and the sink. Taps are a bigger feature of the room than you might realize and having stunning chrome taps can make the room feel more luxurious.

Upgrade the shower

If you love feeling as if you are in a spa when you visit the bathroom at the end of the day, one thing which will make a massive difference is to upgrade the shower. The water pressure might not be the best in your home and you can buy a water booster pump system to make it more powerful. But yourself a shiny new shower and enjoy the feel of the water on your skin.

Mosaic it

If you have tiles on every wall of the bathroom as well as the floor, one upgrade which can make an impact on the space is to create a mosaic design on the tiles. You can buy a set of mosaic tiles from any hardware store and this will allow you to create a lovely pattern or design to bring some character to the room. Be as simple or crazy as you like and it will be a great addition to the space.

Paint the ceiling

Most of us will have tiles on the walls and the floor of the bathroom, however, a lot of us leave the ceiling white and blank. If you have a small bathroom to work with it is important for you to make the space feel as big as you can. You can do this by painting a bold color onto the ceiling. As you walk into the room it will draw the eye upwards and give off the impression of a larger space.

Add some life

If you love to look after plants in the house, the bathroom is one of the best places in the whole house to do it. The reason plants love the bathroom is because we create steam as we enter the shower and the bath and our plants can use this moisture to grow strong and healthy. If you have succulents or cactuses you won’t even have to water them often because the humidity in the air will be enough for them. You can also enjoy stunning flowers such as orchids in the bathroom and they will happily survive off the steam you produce every day.

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