Easy Way to Get that Modern and Stylish Look for your Home

If you know that you are not happy with the overall look or theme of your home right now, then it is more than possible for you to make a change. If you want to go for that modern look, then here are a few tips that will help you to get started.

Draw a Scale Plan

The first thing that you need to do is draw up a scale plan. It helps to know how much space you are working with before you go ahead and sketch out every room. This will show you the size and even the shape that you are working with before you make your first purchase. It also makes it way easier for you to work out what type of furniture you need as well.


Yes, these are mirrors!

Mirrors are very stylish, and the more you can add to your home, the better. It doesn’t take a lot for you to invest in some and you can even use them to bounce the light around the room as well. When choosing your mirror, it helps to make sure that the frame is metal and shiny. Wooden frames are great, and they do add warmth to a room, but they can come off traditional, and this is the opposite of the look you are going for.

Light colors

Light and bright colors are fantastic for making small spaces feel larger and contemporary. Earth tones can be used in modern settings, but pastel colors can really help you to open up the space. Pastels are currently on-trend so you will find a lot of pastel pieces in stores like Target, HomeGoods, At Home, etc. There are endless colors available and you would be surprised at how each one can make the room feel a slightly different way.

Accent Colors

Now you have chosen your pale colors or your earth tones now is the time for you to choose a bright and vivid shade. This will draw the eye to that side of the room, and it also helps to provide a point of focus as well. This is ideal if you have a very small room because if people are looking at the bright red chair in the corner of the room then they won’t be trying to calculate how small the space actually is. You can paint your walls in accent colors as well, but if you plan on doing this then you have to make sure that you limit it to one color, and that you also keep it to a minimum.

Dining Room

People often forget about the dining room when they are renovating their home. It’s so important that you give your dining room a furniture set that won’t take up too much room for your guests. If you do then it will make it feel small and cramped, and this won’t help you with that modern look. It is a great idea to make your home open plan as well, as this will free up the whole space and it will also help you to really make the rooms feel airy and light. If you are not happy with the layout of your home, why not contact some custom home builders to see if they can create your dream property?

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