Summer Prep Jobs You Can Start Doing Now

Summer might seem like a long way off yet, but there can be benefits to preparing early. By getting your home ready now you could save costs, plus you’ll have more time to enjoy the summer. Here are just several preparation jobs that you can start doing now around the home.

Begin any landscaping projects

Now could be the time to start work on landscaping projects such as building a patio or decking. By starting now, it could be completed by the time summer comes around so that you can get as much use as possible out of your new patio or decking. If you’re hiring contractors to take on these landscaping projects, you could also find that they charge less now than in the summer due to the lower demand.

Upgrade your barbecue and lawnmower

This could also be a good time to upgrade your barbecue and lawnmower if you’ve been thinking of getting a new model. Due to the reduced demand for barbecues and lawnmower during this season, you can often find cheaper deals on them online. This could allow you to afford a model that may normally be out of your price range.

Tidy your garden

Many of us don’t tend to our garden over winter. As a result, it can get a bit messy and overgrown. Waiting until summer to tend to this mess could make cutting it all back a lot harder. Tasks to consider include cleaning up any debris, mowing the lawn and trimming back any unruly plants. You may still have to tidy your garden between now and summer, but it will only be a small tidying job.

Service your air conditioning

Air conditioning units can often get full of dust and grime over winter when not in use. As soon as they get switched on for the first time, all this dust and grime gets pumped out into the air. This unclean can be dangerous in some cases and has been linked to respiratory diseases such as Legionnaires. Consider hiring a company that specializes in action cooling & heating to service your air conditioning. You may even want to get your air con unit upgraded (or you may want to get a unit initially fitted if you don’t have one) – it will be cheaper now than waiting until summer to get this done.

Invest in summer bedding

In the heat of summer, it can often be difficult to sleep if you don’t have the right bedding. Buying cool sheets made of a material such as bamboo could help to keep you cool at night. As there’s little demand for this type of bedding now, it’s easier to find discounts online.

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