Clever Rules For Stylish Home Decor

All those home interiors magazine may make decorating your house look difficult, but it really isn’t. In fact, if you follow the rules below, you can create a pleasant family environment no matter what style you are working with. Keep reading to find out what the rules are.

Rule of three

The rule of three is one of my most favorite interior decorating guidelines because it’s simple and can be done in any room in the home. Basically, this rule is all about how you choose to display ornaments and doing it right can help your home look stylish, and personalized without it being overwhelmed by clutter.

Essentially, it about arranging item in groups of three and no more. Three pieces work because it allows you to group similar objects together, but also allows for a mixture of heights, textures, and colors which draw the eye and create an interesting focal point. In fact, if you are really fancy, you can even use the rule of three to decorate your Christmas tree too. Something that will help you to produce a balance and well space look.

Measure before you buy

Another smart rule to live by when it comes to decorating your home is that you must always measure the space that you have for a piece of furniture before you buy it. Sadly, way too many people don’t actually do this and just ‘guesstimate’ that things will fit. Of course, this can create serious issues, including having to knock door frames out to get pieces in, as well as going through all of that work only to discover they don’t fit at all and have to go back. This being something that can be pretty expensive, and time-consuming.

Focal pieces

Next, when it comes to getting the decor right in your home, it’s always a wise idea to choose one or two larger focal pieces that draw the eye and create drama within a room. The pieces that you choose will depend on the style that you are going for but can include cabinets, chairs, dressers, and even large scale musical instruments like a piano.

Of course, many people have been put off using a piano as their focal point in a room because they traditionally have been so expensive to transport from one place to another. Happily, the cost to move a piano is no longer so expensive, and making owning one much more accessible for the average person. Something that opens up the possibility of finding one on eBay or Craigslist for a bargain price that will work perfectly as a focal point in your home.

Less is more

What with the minimalist look being so popular at the moment, the guideline that less is more is certainly something else you should consider when decorating. In fact just as Coco Channel suggests that ladies should look in the mirror and remove one accessory before leaving the house, reducing the decorative item in your home can make for a much cleaner and more stylish atmosphere too. With that in mind, be sure to do a regular sweep of your home for areas that are beginning to get more cluttered. If you want a stylish and pleasant living space that is.

7 thoughts on “Clever Rules For Stylish Home Decor

  1. Great rules for stylish home decor! I especially like the “rule of 3” and the “less is more” ideas! “Measure before you buy” is one rule that I was guilty of breaking when I first moved into my condo, but I learned my lesson and made sure I measured before buying when I had my condo renovated recently. Thanks for sharing!

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