Beauty Trends To Keep Your Eye On

Makeup and beauty trends are changing all the time, new products are coming out, and new styles or methods hit Youtube and take over social media every day. So what can you expect for this year? There are spring and summer trends which aren’t just about ‘a look,’ but about where products are from and how they are used and the packaging they come in. There’s more to the beauty industry than meets the eye…the eyelashes, the lips and cheeks.


An important issue in all industries right now and the beauty industry is no different. United on cutting down the impact of plastic pollution, new thoughtful packaging strategies are being brought out every day with Lush is pioneering the movement for zero packaging by making products in solid form, from shampoo to make-up. Earlier this year the brand opened the first packaging-free cosmetic shop in the UK.

Diversity And Inclusion

Continuing to focus on essential issues the beauty industry is now demonstrating greater diversity with extensive color ranges and ethnicity/gender/age-inclusive marketing; however, there is still a lot to be done. Watch this space though, for smaller brands catering to specific skin tones and types; there’s a lot more to come this year.

Skin-healing Solutions

After anti-aging, the skin healing category saw the most significant growth in skincare last year, with Google searches about to ‘cica balm’ up by 800 percent compared to 2016. Cica-Botanic Balm, a multi-purpose repairing balm which combines powerful essential oils including Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Niaouli, and Geranium which soothe, repair and protect, hit the shelves earlier this year and you can expect more similar products to come.

At-Home Facial Tools

As people are investing in their skin care like never before, it is no surprise that the facial tool market is booming and this trend is something likely to continue. Massage devices such as my Facialift, facial steamers and derma rollers are just a few examples already on the market, and this year there look to be more smart tools to come. Smart tools can assist in tracking the efficacy of beauty regimes and products by providing real-time diagnostics. Look out for more development of smartphone-connected beauty devices and tools that provide a more personalized solution such as Neutrogena’s Skin360, which is a sensor-based skin-scanning device which comes with an app to measure your skin moisture, pores, lines, and wrinkles over time.

Effortless Glamour

Think polished skin, with accents of single bold color – minimum effort, maximum impact, a look so simple to recreate for effortless glam. Gone on the days of layers and layers and it taking ages to get the right look, 2019 is the year for using skincare and make-up to achieve a luminous, almost wet look to the base, replacing heavy foundations and powders luminous tinted moisturizers and face oils. Bye bye contouring, all you need against a sheer, luminous base is a standout matte lipstick, the most comfortable accessory to wear.

Self-Expressive Styling

Maximalist costume make-up including big, bold looks, paired with historical art references will look perfect at parties this year. Stick-ons, have trickled into the mainstream as a key festival look and these look set to become more opulent, so expect to see stick-on faux pearls and colorful, treasure-chest gems.

Innovative Perfume

Who knew there were new ways to buy and use perfume? Well, fragrance brands are heavily investing in ways to appeal to new markets in the digital age because, of course, you can’t smell the internet. To combat this, the fragrance industry is about thinking outside the box and becoming more creative For example; Jo Malone created her Jo Loves Fragrance Paintbrush which allows you to apply or top up your favorite fragrance with its quick-drying gel formula. 

Tech-inspired Product Packaging

Beauty brand Glossier made its most recent fragrance launch even more enticing with gesture-based packaging. The solid balm version of the ‘You’ fragrance comes in a weighted metal compact designed which fits the curve of your palm and thumb. You open and close it with a flippable hinged swivel which echoes the way in which consumers are used to flipping through their smartphone content. Expect to see more brands cleverly designing sleek products such as the magnetic Match Stix which are easier to find in your makeup bag.

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