Don’t Leave Guests Out In The Cold: Tackling Temperature In Your Guest Bedroom

Every house has one room which is cold and frankly uninviting. There’s no getting around it. You could search for your dream home for years and still end up with one room which is less than ideal. In the grand scheme of things, it’s a small price to pay for the perfect property. And, unsurprisingly, many of us choose to use rooms like these as our guest bedrooms. By putting that unwelcoming room aside for guests, you can pretty much get it out of your head. You’ll be able to shut the door and never think of it until you book a guest into your diary. Sadly, a cold guest room can fast become a problem when you do have someone coming to stay. You want them to enjoy their experience as much as possible, after all.

If you have a guest set to visit soon, then, you may want to finally tackle the room that you wanted to forget. Luckily, we have a quickfire plan which can help you do that. Keep on reading to ensure your guest doesn’t even notice there was ever a problem.

Tackle the issue at its source

First, you need to work out why this room is losing heat. Without taking care of this, none of your efforts here are going to make much difference. It may be, for example, that this room has older windows than the rest of the house. You haven’t even considered it until now, after all. If this is the case, it’s essential you contact a company like Renewal by Andersen windows who can offer you quality replacements fast. Or, you may find that the radiator doesn’t work, or is too small to heat the entire room. You may even spot that you’re losing heat here through poor window or wall sealings. These are, by far, the most significant tasks you’re going to face in this process. But, by getting on top of them at least a few weeks before guests are due to arrive, there’s no reason this needs to be a problem. By the time they’re putting their luggage on the bed, it’ll be as though those energy-efficient windows were there all along. Your new seals could ensure that they don’t feel so much as a chill when sleeping with you, even on the coldest nights. All you need to do is stop putting this off. Get in there, and get your detective head on already.

Open the door

It’s not unusual to keep the door shut on your guest bedroom, especially if it’s a cold space. But, shutting your door can worsen the issue. That’s because it blocks this room off from the heat in the rest of your house. That can make it even colder and less welcoming than it was before. One thing’s sure; guests who walk into a room which has had its door closed are sure to notice it. It may well be so cold in there after this that they’ll feel like they’re heading back outside. To make sure that doesn’t happen, open that door at least a day or two before their arrival. As much as this can decrease the temperature of your house on the whole, it also ensures one room isn’t any colder. You may even find that your shut door was the thing setting this room apart in the first place. As easy as that, you can heat things up while also ensuring that your guest room feels more like a part of your home. That alone will work wonders for making your guests feel welcome and at ease in the space.

Bleed the radiators

If you don’t use this room often, it’s possible that your radiators are all clogged up and not heating it properly. Bleeding them is a fast and straightforward solution to a problem which has been plaguing you for too long. It can also ensure you tackle temperature well before your guests arrive. There are endless tutorials out there which can teach you how to do this. You need to make sure your heating is off, and use a bleeding key to release excess air. If the radiator in question makes a lot of noise when your heat comes on, you could probably benefit from doing this. If you then keep on top of this at least once a year, there’s no reason your guest room ever needs to be a cold place again. With this sorted, you can also rest easy that your guests will feel snug the moment you turn your heating on.

Resort to accessories

If you’ve done all the above and are still having trouble here, it might be time to resort to accessories. It’s possible that you can address these temperature concerns by merely using a throw on your guest bed. This will look to anyone else like a beautiful design choice. A well-chosen throw could even help to hold your decor together. But, it also serves a far more practical purpose. Having a throw over your legs as you sleep can make a massive difference to temperature. Having this within easy reach also ensures your guests can wrap up if they’re feeling chill. You could take these accessory benefits even further by thinking, too, about your window dressings. Thick curtains or solid blinds can work wonders for stopping heat from escaping. Even if you’ve recently replaced windows, these could be the extra touch which stops guests from guessing this tends to be a cold space.

While you can’t stop certain rooms in your house from falling foul to cold, you can work to tackle the issue. In a few simple steps, you can ensure that your guest bedroom is as warm as the rest of the house. As simple as that, you guarantee that anyone would be happy to return for a repeat stay with you. You might even find that you’ve made the room so comfortable that no one wants to leave in the first place!


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