How Do You Know When A Career Is Right For You?

Did you know that almost three-quarters of Americans have changed careers at some point in their life, and that one-third are currently thinking about it? In the real world, you soon come to realize that the dreams and aspirations you imagined as a child may not be suitable as an adult. Maybe the work isn’t challenging enough or you’re not equipped to deal with it. Sometimes, it’s about the money and the perks. Finding a career that suits you is the key to a happy life among other things, yet you aren’t sure of the next steps.

The good news is that this post is, so continue reading to find out more.

Channel Your Inner Child (Part 1)

Lots of things happen in life and they mold you into the person you are today. You may not have realized it at the time, but the decisions or actions of the past are constantly calling. Don’t be rude – pick up the call. Cynthia Telles did and she’s now a board member for Kaiser Foundation Hospitals. By using her memories of her childhood, she discovered her passion for helping others and used that to rise through the ranks at Kaiser. You can do the same by channeling your inner child.

Channel Your Inner Child Part (2)

Kids don’t have a care in the world whereas adults are always worrying. As a grown-up, there is a certain level of maturity you need to be successful in your career but being miserable isn’t one of them. Far too often, people pick roles that pay well and offer progression but aren’t enjoyable. On your list of potential careers, the ones at the top need to be challenging and pique your interest. Otherwise, you won’t have the drive to get up in the morning and work hard.

Spot The Overlap

A perfect career consists of something you’re good at that you like which companies need. Not only is this role fun, but it’s secure and lucrative as businesses never fire people who solve problems – they give them a pay rise. A dream job may feel like a pipedream but it isn’t if you stop taking them at face value. Forget the title or the average salary and search for positions based on your hobbies, skills, and passions. Once you understand these, you can begin to seek out careers that make sense.


85% of jobs are filled by networking, but it’s also helpful for people looking to jump ship. To create a list, you need to write down as many options as possible and give yourself a large sample size. Networking allows you to speak with men and women from a variety of backgrounds and pick their brain. Strangers will create a spark in your mind and so will your loved ones. Family and friends know you better than anybody and will have very valid opinions on your talents and possible career paths.

How do you know when a career is right for you? It’s when it ticks all of the boxes.

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