Ignore Gender Stereotypes and Pursue the Career You Want!

When it comes down to it, gender stereotypes exist. Many of us have grown up in societies that tell us that men are supposed to act in certain ways, do certain things, and display interest in particular things, while women are supposed to act in different ways, engage in different activities, and enjoy different things. But just because these norms are often spread by the media, “tradition”, and general discourse of what is “normal”, doesn’t mean we necessarily have to abide by them. Fortunately, many people are beginning to comprehend the absurdity of gender stereotypes and are becoming much more open to going against them. Believe it or not, these expectations have often made their way into employment. There are plenty of industries out there that are still male-dominated and that many women may feel reluctant to enter as a result. Here are a few that you can break into, as long as you throw outdated mindsets behind you!

Construction Work

Construction is a very physical industry. It can involve a whole lot of manual labor, especially if you decide to head into the role of “construction worker”. But if you’re a physical individual and believe that you would thrive in this environment, why not go for it? In this role, you will find yourself carrying out a host of on-site tasks, such as:

  • Removing debris
  • Erecting Scaffolding
  • Loading and unloading building materials
  • Assisting with the operation of heavy machinery

Salaries can vary, but the average construction worker will take home $27,300 a year. That’s about $14 an hour. There is also room for progression, with some experienced construction workers earning up to $46,410 per annum. When I worked temporarily for Goodwill’s career center, I found out that they had a program geared toward women in construction. If you need some information on how to get started in that industry, Goodwill may be a great resource.

Also, there is a YouTuber by the name of Sharon She So Fabulous, not only is she a YouTuber who vlogs about home decor and beauty, but she is also a truck driver. She has a second channel that details her trucker life.

Truck Driving

If you pride yourself on your driving, you might want to consider a role that lets you get behind the wheel for money. Remember that you will need to acquire a CDL to be able to legally drive a truck, so if this is something you’re interested in, you might want to start conducting a little research into Which is the best company for truck driver training?

Law Enforcement

We rely on law enforcement to maintain peace in our societies, but for some reason, this tends to be a male-dominated field. There are plenty of roles in law enforcement that vary from one another significantly. Some that you might want to consider heading into include:

  • Police Officer
  • Probation or Parole Officer
  • FBI Agent
  • Drug Enforcement
  • Secret Service Agent
  • Deputy Marshals
  • Border Patrol Agent

All of these roles will require special training, but you can work your way up into any position as long as you are competent and dedicated to your chosen role.

Shout out to my sister for working her way up from probation/parole officer to Assistant Chief!

Ignore Gender Stereotypes and Pursue the Career You Want!

It really is bizarre that certain roles in society do tend to remain male-dominated. But this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re interested in a position, ignore societal expectations and go for it!

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