How to make your new space feel more like home

Moving out of the family home is a hugely exciting time. Of course, there are bittersweet elements, but, most of us view that moment as the time when our lives begin. When we step out of the family unit, we’re in a position to finally start carving the life we want for ourselves. The only trouble is that many of us continue to treat the family home like it’s our main base. And, that can make it challenging to settle and call our new place home. Nothing can take away the fact that the family home will always be yours in some way, but, if you continue treating this as your base, you may start to feel homesick whenever you actually go home. To make sure that doesn’t happen, be sure to take care of the following during and after your first home move.

Look at properties out of town

How to make your new space feel more like home
If you buy a house in the same area as your family home, it’s going to be difficult to settle into the rhythm of your life. You may slip into the habit of heading to the family home instead of to your new property each night. Before you know, you could go months without spending a single evening in your own living room. That’s a waste of money and a waste of your opportunity to branch out. Hence why it may be worth searching for a new home a little further afield. I’m not saying you need to move to a new state, but you’re sure to spend more time in a house which is further away. The more time you spend there, the sooner you’re going to feel settled.

Take everything with you

Many of us also make the mistake of leaving stuff in the family home. Try to avoid doing this. If half your belongings live in a different house, how can hope to settle in your new home? This also provides an excuse to spend time away, which isn’t good as I said before. To prevent this be sure to take everything with you on moving day or within the first week of being in your new place. This may mean needing to contact moving companies like On The Go Moving, but it’s a step you’ll be glad you took. This way, you can rest easy that you have all your belongings around you in your new space. This ensures that you’ll feel at home sooner than you would have otherwise.

Learn your interior style

Lastly, it’s worth noting that most of us only know interior style from what we’ve seen our parents do, but this is your chance to branch out and create a new home for yourself. The last thing you want is to paint those new walls in the same colors as your family home. Instead, make an effort to learn your interior style. Look online for inspiration, and then get going on each of your rooms. With your style in place, you’re sure to start preferring your new space to your family home in no time.

4 thoughts on “How to make your new space feel more like home

    1. Thanks! I absolutely agree! You really need your own identity with your home. That is something I seriously struggled with. I was so homesick in the beginning and unfortunately I still have those moment.

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      1. Yes, and we will have those moments for quite some time but you know what? I’m so proud of you for making the move to get out on your own and dealing with the chips as they fall. Look at how many ppl don’t make a move because of comfortability. Our parents home as you stated will always be our base – but, real life living begins with us and from that we can begin to make our own memories. As long as you’re not moving backwards, you’re good – even with the few bumps of being homesick. Love ya and I’m VERY proud of you Sis =)

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