Decorating Your Home for a Quick Sale

When prospective buyers are viewing your home they will notice the décor more than any of your belongings. This is because they know your furniture will be going with you, but the décor is something you will leave behind. Moist people stage their homes before any visits are made, and one of the things that can create a good first impression is décor that is in good condition.

It Is More Than Paintwork

There is more to getting your home ready for the real estate market than just freshening the walls with a coat of paint. Of course, that is important but before you get your paintbrushes out, have a good look around and see if there are any minor repairs that need doing. Are there any holes that need plastering over, does the bathroom sink need a new washer on the tap or does a handle need replacing on one of the doors?  Left undone, these minor repairs do not create a good impression and can leave the prospective buyer wondering what else is wrong that they cannot see.


This is something you should do whether you are intending to sell your home or not. A clean and tidy home is much better for your mental health, and the less clutter there is the simpler that is to achieve.  A home with less in it will give the appearance of being larger, so you should put some things in storage if you really want to keep them and dispose of items that you can do without.  This applies to every room in your home if you want to make a quick sale.

Also, make sure that when they call things such as dishes piled in the sink have been washed and put away and that there are not piles of dirty shoes in the hallway if the weather has been bad.

Move Your Furniture Around

Furniture can be used in different rooms and now you need to look if a piece of yours would look better elsewhere. It could well be that your sofa is really comfortable to watch the TV, but if it is large, it could make your living room look smaller.

Also, look at where you have any mirrors. They are a great way of making a room look larger than it really is because they reflect light. They work even better if they can be placed on a wall that is opposite a window.

Now Get The Paint Out

With everything else sorted it is now time to look at your walls to see if a coat of paint would improve them. Use neutral colors as much as you can, as people will feel they can move in with those without needing to decorate straight away. They also have the effect of making a room look larger to the eye, and deep colors will have the opposite effect.

If you need help staging your home for a quick sale, there are professional home stagers that will be glad to help. They have been trained in the things that work the best, so look out for someone that is certified to do this job.

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