Infallible Ways Of Making Your Home Look Better For Longer

Owning your own stunning space is a joy, yet many people aren’t happy with the way their home looks and their decor. What are they supposed to do? Strip it all bear, get rid of everything they own, and start again? Not quite. Here are a few things you can do that will make your home look better for even longer, so you don’t find yourself resenting past decisions a few months or years down the line.

It might take a while and you might need to dedicate a fair amount of your budget to your home, but once it’s complete, you’ll be glad you did it.

Create A Theme That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Start by creating your very own theme that will never go out of style. You might love the 60s, but creating a home based entirely around that era will look more like a movie set than an actual home. You should mix up different elements, both new and old, to create a theme that is all your own. Rather than sticking to one era or theme completely, as this is so unique and eclectic it will be hard to get bored of it. Plus, you know that absolutely no one else will have the same theme as you. Avoid trends at all costs, though. Trends come and go very quickly. You might think you love something you saw in ‘Top Decor 2019 Magazine’, but after a few months, you’ll probably get bored.

Pick a Color Palette And Stick With It

Pick your color palette by using a color wheel and reading up on color psychology. Different colors make us feel different things. Red can make us feel energetic, while blue can make us feel relaxed. Choose colors based on how you want to feel in each room, and use the color wheel to ensure each color complements or contrasts perfectly.

Invest In Durable Furniture

Durable furniture is key to making sure your home stands the test of time. It’s always worth spending a little more on furniture as it is used so often. Materials like, Sunbrella, that won’t wear down quickly or get dirty (if you have kids) is very important.

Make Repairs

Don’t leave repairs too long or you’ll end up spending so much time and money fixing them later on. Get new siding now if you’ve been putting it off for a while. Have a new window installed. Do what you need to do before it becomes a serious problem.

Hang Large Scale Art

Every home should have art included in the decor. Large scale art can become the focal point of a room! But make sure it’s a piece you absolutely love and not just something to fill the space.

Keep It Clutter-Free

Don’t be tempted to clutter up your home. Be vigilant and get rid of things that aren’t really adding to the decor in any way. It’s better to use larger ornaments than lots of small ones.

Hide Wires And Other Ugly Things

Hide your wires so that they don’t distract the eye from your beautiful decor!

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