How to Create a Garden Everyone Will Love

No matter how small your outdoor space is, you should always try to grow something. Whether you have a single window box filled with flowers or you have a large yard glowing with potential, adding a little green to your life is a healthy approach.

For grownups, variety and intrigue is the most important factor; for kids, an area to run around and play is necessary; and, for visitors, a place to sit and enjoy the garden is vital. You should treat your outside space as you treat the inside; after all, your garden is another type of room.

Designating Sections of the Garden

Before you begin digging, you should sit and make a map of your garden. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to get an idea of the space and how you might split it up. For example, looking at your map, you might see that one area is shaded all the time and so could be a good area for sitting in the summer but not so great for growing lots of plants.

Once you have a basic map, it’s a good idea to use thinner paper to draw your ideas over the top. This way you can keep referring back to the original and it’s easy to change your mind.

Water, Plants, and Lawn

There are 3 main ways to bring a garden to life: water, plants and a lawn. The lawn is essentially there for the kids to play on but it also makes for a nice green feature. However, the lawn still needs plenty of care to be at its peak all year round.

A pond is a lovely way to introduce water to your garden and plenty of bugs and other wildlife will be drawn to it and your garden. Adding a water feature like a fountain is the perfect way to tick off the interest box and a simple Grundfos multi-stage pump will do just the trick.

Your plant selection is also very important. Do consider how tall each plant will grow and how much space and nutrition it will require before you plant it permanently. A good way to arrange plants is to place them while they are in their pots first and then plant them when you are happy.

Designing a Seating Area

There is no shortage of park benches and plastic outdoor furniture but there are other ways to incorporate seating into your garden. Arranging a seating area around a fire pit is a good way to bring people outdoors. Everyone loves sitting around a fire telling stories and toasting s’mores so this idea is certain to be a hit. Similarly, by raising a border using a simple stone wall, you can create instant seating that just requires a cushion for comfort.

The whole point of having a garden is that you gain an extra space you can enjoy being in. This is your way to get out into nature so take your time with your design and enjoy watching your plants grow up around you.

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