Feeling Fashionable When You’re Stuck At Home

There are few things better than walking down a busy street knowing you look good. Turning heads, having people compliment your style, and seeing your reflection in a storefront window can put you on cloud 9. While they aren’t the only reasons for caring about your appearance and clothing, they play a major role in it. When you’re stuck at home, it can be harder to make yourself feel like a style icon. I know what it’s like to put together a bomb ass outfit and have nowhere to go, so if you must get that validation from others, try taking a few pics of the outfit and posting it on social media. You can take the pieces off and hang them right back up in the closet. IG models and influencers do it all the time lol.

Here are a few ways to use your time at home to boost your fashionable status.

Try Out New Options

It’s hard to know whether or not you like a garment when you first try it on, and a lot of people find themselves leaving certain garments at the back of their wardrobe for years after buying it. I’m definitely one of those people, I just wore a top for the first time and I’ve had it since November 2015! Wearing something like this out and about can feel like too much of a risk. To overcome this, use your time at home to try out the clothing you’re not so sure about. Not only will you get test the comfort of each piece, but you will also get a chance to put together looks for when you do go out.

Melding Comfort And Fashion

A lot of people assume that comfortable clothing and stylish garments are worlds apart from one another, especially when watching the shows from fashion week. In reality, there are so many ways to meld comfort and fashion. There’s a reason why athleisure has been super popular for the last couple of years and I don’t think the trend will die out any time soon!

Speaking of comfort, Topbathrobe.com is a great site, giving you access to loads of guides and details which can help you to find a bathrobe which meets your needs. It’s a good way to stay comfortable while you’re in your element at home watching Netflix and scrolling through Facebook.

Making Your Own

If you’re stuck at home, the odds are that you’ve probably got a little bit of time on your hands. It’s easy to spend that extra time on things like streaming and social media, but it could be used in the pursuit of fashion. There are so many resources ranging from full guides to simple templates, to help you create your own garments with any level of experience, and it takes very few tools to get started. You can often find cheap sewing machines on eBay.

With all of this in mind, you should be ready to start working towards feeling more fashionable even when you don’t have plans to go out. A lot of people think that being fashionable means being seen and it’s ok to look at it differently. This is what makes it worth branching out and trying different approaches. Like I said earlier, you can always go the IG model route if you need some sort of validation that you have great style, but you can always put on your flyest outfit and look in the mirror and compliment your own sense of style.

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