Proof That You Don’t Need to Spend A Fortune To stay on-trend

Nowadays, fashion is a fast-moving conveyor belt. While distinctive styles which once lasted decades, trends don’t even stand the test of a season anymore. Shops change stock on a weekly basis and many of us are left feeling that we’re behind the times if we aren’t buying new clothes every week. The trouble is, trying to keep up can see us spending a fortune. It’s no way to live, and “fast fashion” isn’t worth it.

The good news is, staying on-trend needn’t cost you as much as you’re spending right now. In truth, you should be able to halve those costs and still stay on top. This can help your bank account heal, and also buy you time to find your fashion identity. All you need is a few handy pointers like the ones below.

Repurpose what you already have

More often than not, you’ll find that it’s possible to refresh your style without buying anything new. That’s because fashions tend to come and go. Even if you have to do a little sewing or refashioning, the chances are that you have a least a few things which will work with new trends. Even adding fabric trims to old pieces could be enough to make sure you’re on top with fashion. Before you hit the shops, head to your closet. As much as you may want to throw out your old wardrobe and buy new pieces, you could save yourself a fortune. And, you can make sure that you’re on-trend, but still rocking unique pieces which you’re never going to see on someone else.

If you’re going to buy, buy accessories

Even if you can’t find anything to repurpose, you may not need to buy complete outfits. More often than not, a few choice new accessories could be enough to see you through. This way, you can cut your shopping budget in half. Buy pieces that will work with your overall wardrobe, not just one outfit. For example, you can stay on-trend with the neon trend by investing in sunglasses like these funky Weiss options from Eyewearhaus.  You can pair them with any neutral look. And, the same rules apply for near enough any trend going. 

Proof That You Don't Need to Spend A Fortune To stay on-trend

Wait it out to see what lasts

Sometimes, saving money is about waiting to see what stands the test of time. Instead of jumping to buy the latest new thing, wait the season out. If the same style is still in by the next season, then it might be worth investing. If not, you can rest easy that you didn’t waste money on a fashion fad.


2 thoughts on “Proof That You Don’t Need to Spend A Fortune To stay on-trend

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you liked the post! 😁 I completely agree with you! The basics are the foundation, you can add to them, but they’ll never get old. That’s been a hard lesson for me to learn lol.


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