It’s Time to Focus on the Functionality and Design of Your Home’s Exteriors

When we think of home design, we tend to focus on our interiors. This is completely understandable. These are the spaces that we step foot into when we head home from a long hard day of work and socializing in order to kick back and relax. They’re the spaces where we accommodate guests and hang out with friends and family members. This is truly where the heart is! So, you’re bound to want it to be as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. It will reflect you!

Every small decision you make regarding your decor and furnishings can have a profound impact on the overall appearance and feel of the property, so you’re going to mull things over and take your time with investments of both time and effort. However, it’s important that you don’t dedicate all of your efforts solely to your property’s interiors. You need to remember that your exteriors are important too! Not only do your exteriors protect everything that’s inside your home from the harsh elements, but they’re the first thing that you and your guests will see when approaching your home. They should be just as aesthetically pleasing and appealing as your interiors to make a good first impression!  So, what can you do to kickstart this process? Here are just a few steps to try out that should get the ball rolling in the right direction!

Your Roof

Let’s start out by looking at the literal roof over your head. This is what prevents your property from being flooded with water and what helps to keep any heat that you generate inside your home – remember that heat rises, so a good quality roof is best for energy conservation. However, seeing as we can’t really see our roofs and don’t have to carry out all that much maintenance on them, many of us tend to turn a blind eye to them. Avoid doing this! It’s extremely important to regularly check up on the state of your roof and to carry out any necessary repairs to ensure that it stays in a good state. If you notice a slate or tile has moved, become broken, or is dislodged, or if there’s any other form of damage to your roof, call in roofers immediately. They will be able to get the issues in check.

Remember that if you ignore issues with your roof, they will not get better of their own accord. Instead, a hole or damage will just let water and other elements in and you’ll quickly find water damage that can prove extremely costly to repair. You might need to replace beams, replace walls, replace electrics as a result – and these are just a few potential problems. The hole or gap in your roof is also likely to get larger and may reach a point where wildlife can easily make its way into your home. Remember that small animals such as mice, rats, or birds will make a beeline for easy access to a property’s loft space and will set up shop in the relatively warm and dry shelter inside.

Plant Climbers

Climber plants often referred to simply as “climbers” are a type of plant that will grow vertically up the exterior walls of your home. This, of course, can be extremely beautiful, as vines cling to your property and your home becomes covered by a layer of pure nature! There are various different species that you can consider and each will provide your home with a different look. For a traditional, fairytale style look, you might want to opt for ivy. Beautiful, deep green leaves will establish themselves pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a flowering variety of climber plant, you could always opt for Wisteria. This develops purple floral blooms at different points throughout the year.

Have a Conservatory Built

If you want a seamless transition between your home and your backyard, you might want to have a conservatory built leading into your garden space. A conservatory will boost the amount of living space that you have, as well as creating a kind of room that melds your home and nature together. They are primarily made of glass, so you can almost guarantee the space will be flooded with energizing natural light and the sound of rain hitting the glass can prove therapeutic and soothing too! Just make sure that any glass used is reinforced and double glazed. This will help to maintain as much heat as possible in your property by minimizing the transfer of heat from your interiors to the outdoors.

While you might not have focused all too much on the exterior design of your home before, now is a great time to start. Hopefully, the above advice will help you to achieve a stunning exterior to your home!

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